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Ideas For ‘Best Selling’ Animal Crossing New Horizons

Ideas For ‘Best Selling’ Animal Crossing New Horizons

Close to 22.40 million copies of Animal Crossing New Horizons has now been sold since the release of the game, for the game becoming second most-selling game on Switch platform.

Animal Crossing New Horizons as we have read, is one of the most successful Nintendo Switch launches ever. But that’s not all, there is more, the game has now touched new heights by breaking another record, that too in Japanese history, by earning the title of one of the best-selling games. Pokemon Red/Green/Blue is on the first while Animal Crossing New Horizons is Second.

To be precise, Pokemon Red/Green/Blue leads by “just” 2.5 million copies– a combination of three games, not one – Now it is entirely possible that Japan’s next new best-selling game might be Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Be informed that Animal Crossing New Horizons has already crossed the sales of Brain Age 2, Super Mario Bros, and even Tetris in japan.

There is no way Animal Crossing New Horizons is staying behind. 350,000 more copies of Animal Crossing New Horizons has been sold. Crossing the sales mark of 7.5 million. Apart from this, the game also eclipsed Gold/Silver completely 4 months’ time and crawling more closer to the sales records of Pokemon Red/Green/Blue.

Such incredible figures have been released by Nintendo in terms of its financial earnings. According to the figures, Animal Crossing New Horizons has increased the number of sales 2 times as compared to its last title, Animal Crossing New Leaf.

It was further revealed, by June 30, 2024, That the most successful games on the platform are none other than Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, people stayed at home, New Horizons took this opportunity and brought people together. In a few last months of Quarantine, the game gave many a commonplace to celebrate real-life achievements of all kinds such as from weddings and birthdays to the Global Pride. Funnily, a talk show from screenwriter Gary Whitta is also conducted on the island.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Ideas

The community is always coming up with new ideas for Animal Crossing New Horizons island. Some of the best ideas are found on Reddit. Filled with so many ideas that one gets overwhelmed to see city fun activities and several layers of masterpieces. Some of them are simply worth trying out.

Some Ideas are listed following;

1. host an art exhibition in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Find a source for your art

Obviously, Before any exhibition takes place you need plenty of beautiful artwork to display. One should be grateful that the game has many unique methods to establish one’s own Art gallery.

Always keep on the lookout for Redd.

This clever fox will pay your island a visit. Get to it to get your hands on some of the good art it has to sell.

Set up your exhibition

Set up a beautiful spot for your website. Use custom flooring and site-marble options for decorations. Then Display your Artwork.

Keep enough space around each piece so that other people can move around. Add a stylish touch using the boundaries and fences. Remember to add benches for people to sit.

Send out your invites

It’s time to invite guests to your party now. Before an event plan set a day and time for everyone to come on. Choose a dress code for the guests to arrive. Then send out invites.

2. Hold a pop Concert In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Make band t-shirts

Make sure your band has some unique t-shirts. This way you can differentiate yourself from other bands around. Show your sense of style.

 Set your stage

Find a worthy spot on your island for a dancefloor because of whats a concert without a dance floor, a stage for your band to present upon, and stalls for fun recreation.

So explore the area and look for a decent spot. And choose where your stage will go.

Once the stage is in its place, its time to choose instruments and stylish lights to make it look like an attraction.

Send out invites and your creator ID

Share your merchandise with your friends, head out to the airport, send them an invite, and don’t forget to add your creator ID so they can wear your band shirts as well.

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