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What Bulbs Do VLand Headlights Use?

What Bulbs Do VLand Headlights Use?

As a part that gives strong visual characteristics to your car, replacing your headlights is always a great idea. Not only do they make your vehicle look more modern, but they decrease driving fatigue, especially at night rides.

With plenty of headlight companies, you will surely have a lot to research. You can go with the original part, or go for an aftermarket headlight that simply makes your vehicle look great. Just be sure the fitment is correct, and the quality of the part is top-notch.

In this article, we’ll talk about the VLand headlights. In addition, you will learn about what types of products they offer, what bulbs they need, and the benefits of getting your headlights replaced. Keep reading and learn more.

What is VLand


As a headlight manufacturing company, VLand has proven how someone can incorporate quality and aesthetics at the same time. They produce for most vehicle brands coming from all continents in the world.

For example, you can see lights for Hondas and Toyota as staples of Japanese brands, as well as Volkswagens and Mercedes as European cars. In addition, they make headlights for American vehicles so you’ll surely be able to find ones for your car.

With a modern design and automation that only new cars have, you can simply make your vehicle look younger. For that reason, if you plan on doing a car project, the lights are a thing you should definitely consider.

What types of bulbs do they use

To come up with great output, you have to use the right type of bulbs for the VLand headlights. While some owners stated they only achieved proper output only with H7 bulbs, others were denying that.

Although it might require a little bit of retrofitting, depending on which headlight you have purchased, both H7 and D2S bulbs are suitable for the VLand lights. From the LED variants, you can use the 9005 bulbs and come up with great results.

Why should you consider getting VLand headlights


With plenty of light manufacturers, there are many options you want to consider. It’s important to note that VLand’s customer service is great, and will surely help in whatever you need. No matter whether you have come to an installation problem, or the lights arrived damaged, you will be quickly assisted.

To show you what makes this brand stand out from the other options, we’ve prepared a short list of things and benefits that upgrading to these lights will offer.

  • Costs

The first thing that makes VLand stand out from the other headlight manufacturers is the price of its products. When you can purchase a part that significantly improves the looks of your vehicle for less than 500dollars, you should certainly do it.

This is an upgrade that does not mechanically improve the vehicle or make it faster. According to, driving a car that looks immaculate surely boosts your confidence and makes you enjoy it even more. For that reason, be sure to check this and find the right VLand headlights for your vehicle.

  • Durability


Among all the other brands that fall in the same budget category, VLand has shown great durability compared to the others. They are already an established brand in most car projects, so if tuners are willing to install these headlights, you should consider that as well.

Depending on the technology you choose, whether you like xenon gas-powered lights, or going for a modern LED light the durability is different. Of all the light technologies, LED lights have the highest durability, so keep that in mind.

  • Efficiency

Since all electrical units are using power from the accumulator and alternator, the higher their power is, the more fuel is being used. For that reason, finding a middle ground is essential in reaching efficiency.

If you are using bulbs that work on high-intensity discharge, you will be wasting more fuel, but the light will surely be the brightest. By using LED bulbs, even though they are the most expensive, you’ll be improving the fuel efficiency which automatically pays their price. Lastly, the regular halogen technology is the most affordable one, but your lights will not be bright enough and you’ll not save on fuel as well.

  • Less maintenance needed

Getting new headlights instantly decreases the need for maintenance. While you’ll have to polish your old lights to remove the fogginess, and constantly replace the bulbs because of premature breaking, that is not necessary for new VLand lights.

In addition, if you select a product that does not use the regular halogen technology, you’ll don’t have to replace the bulbs often. The xenon gas lights are great in durability since they last a couple of years. However, if you don’t want to bother with replacements, getting LED bulbs should be your choice since they will last many years and even a lifetime.

  • Aesthetics


Besides the longevity and durability, with VLand headlights achieving great aesthetics is what matters most. As a company that focuses on providing products that make every car look sophisticated and modern, you’ll surely find a light that you like.

With completely LED products, even if your car is old more than twenty years, you can still make it look young and aggressive. Be sure to browse through their products, and compare how would they look on your vehicle. As soon as you find the headlight you like, the rest is easy.

  • Improved driving experience

When you get lights that look great, but they are also bright enough to enlighten the roads you are driving, you are getting less tired. You have surely noticed how annoying it is to drive when your lights are fogged. By not being able to see anything, you are getting fatigued which ruins your driving experience.

With a simple headlight upgrade, you can bring the spark of driving your car again. It feels like a brand-new vehicle seeing it from the outside. In addition, you can pair the headlights with complementary taillights which further contributes to your confidence as a car owner.

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