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4 Tips and Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Docking Station

4 Tips and Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Docking Station

If you have just bought a laptop, you must be in search of a docking station. If your older docking station is not working correctly and you want a replacement, we will help you out.

One way to get a good product that will also be durable is by knowing what mistakes to avoid while buying it. In this article, we will give you some buying tips for your new docking station while also telling you of all the mistakes you must avoid.

Mistake: Trust All the Advertisements


Any docking station available in the market will have a team behind it promoting its best features. Advertisements are an excellent way to find out what products are available in the market and their price range.

However, as a buyer, you need to be very careful and select the right product, especially if your choice is based on advertisements.

Advertisements do not show the weak points of a product which you will see through proper research. It is fine if you like a product through an advertisement but makes sure you read the full specifications before buying it. Thinkpad docking stations might help in making your decision easier.

Tip: Read Reviews and See Ratings


After you see the advertisement for a docking station, rushing to the retail store is not the best idea. Make sure to do some research on your own which will require you to not only read specifications but also see the ratings.

Shortlist the best products based on their ratings and then read the reviews one by one.

Look at both positive and negative reviews to paint a balanced picture of the performance of the product. Reviews are the most honest depiction of the functionality of a product. Always look at them whether you are buying anything online or offline.

Mistake: You Need Minimal Power Support

Docking stations typically offer a feature that will charge your laptop. This means that your docking station will have a charging port.

The main concern is that the power coming through the product might not be enough to keep your laptop battery at a good level. If the power output configurations of a laptop and docking station do not match, your laptop’s battery will be negatively impacted.

If an option is offering power beneath 60 watts, it is not worth buying. A docking station should typically provide a consistent charging experience until the battery is full. If you think that you can buy a product with minimal power support, consider it a mistake.

For instance, if your laptop is running on a low battery, using the docking station will not help. It should provide a significant power output without impacting your laptop battery negatively.

Tip: Find the Place to Keep It

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People do not consider where they are going to keep a docking station once they buy it. Finding a place for it before making the purchase is a good tip to consider.

You will get an idea of how much space you are willing to spare and will not have to make significant adjustments to your workspace or home.

The placement of ports in a docking station determines how they will be placed in any environment. The connectivity should never be affected no matter where you choose to put the product. Consider the length of all the cables and make sure it is compatible with your personal use before finalizing the purchase.

Mistake: The Operating System Does Not Matter

If you think that the operating system of your laptop does not matter while buying a docking station, you will be making a very expensive mistake. The operating system is of the utmost importance while considering which docking station to buy.

Checking the compatibility of the product will not take too long if you are already reading the specifications. If you are operating on Windows but are considering switching to Mac OS, wait for a bit and then buy a product for a MacBook.

Tip: Look at Video and Screen Functionality


If you want a dual monitor to improve your productivity and help in creativity, a docking station will be the best bet. But first, you need to check if the product will support multiple monitors. Some products might allow you to connect multiple monitors but will not present a good display.

Read the reviews to know if a docking station is suitable for an additional screen and then see its functionality. Ideally, a docking station should support a display of 4K or more resolution. It should give you the best picture so do not hesitate to choose another option.

Mistake: Ports Should Not Be Counted

Any option you are considering should have enough ports to connect all your peripherals in one place. The product is supposed to increase your convenience, so do not settle on anything subpar. If the dock has only two ports while you need three for your peripherals, it is a compatibility issue when you should immediately move to the next product.

Before you even start looking at the specifications of shortlisted options, count the number of courts you will need and go from there. Check the port to see if it supports compatibility with USB 3.0. The port is perfect for charging your smartphone.

Tip: Consider the Functionality of the USB-C® Port


The USB-C® port supports any kind of data transmission and helps in better charging. They have a number of benefits from a docking station that you will not be able to take advantage of if the USB-C® port is not there. We would recommend reading the features closely.

The Takeaway

If you want to take home a good product, do not hesitate to ask questions and research the features. Do not hesitate to move on to the next product if the previous one does not satisfy your requirements. Understand the various compatibility issues that you might face and finalize the purchase only after being sure.

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