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Call of Duty Warzone Error Codes: How To Fix Them – 2024 Guide

Sometimes errors appear when launching Call of Duty Warzone. It is unpleasant, but the game you installed may not start, crashing, freezing, showing a black screen, and giving errors in windows. Therefore, quite logical questions arise: “What to do?”, “Why is this happening?” and “How to solve the problem?” We tried to collect all the necessary information with instructions, tips, various programs, and libraries that are designed to help solve the most common errors associated with Call of Duty  Warzone.

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Required software for Call of Duty Warzone

We strongly recommend that you read the links to various useful programs. What for? A huge number of bugs and problems in Call of Duty: Warzone is associated with not installed / not updated drivers and the lack of necessary libraries.

  1. The latest version of Nvidia GeForce driver.
  2. Latest AMD Radeon driver.
  3. DirectX package.
  4. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 library. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 library.
  5. Library Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 & library of Microsoft Visual C ++ 2013
call of duty warzone error codes

Warzone Error Codes:

Error “Incoming Transmission”

If the “Incoming Transmission” error appears in Call of Duty: Warzone, and the game does not let the game go further than the main menu, you need to exit the game and check it for updates. Because the reason for this error is always the same – a “fresh” update has come out and you need to update. Unfortunately, the game does not report this directly from the menu, so you need to check for the next update personally.

Error “6071” or “DEV ERROR 6071”

The “DEV ERROR 6071” error in Call of Duty: Warzone is not widespread, but its popularity is growing as more and more users install the new “Battle Royale” and, accordingly, play it or just try. Every day the number of people who need a solution to this error is growing, and while the developers are working on the patch, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our tips for fixing the problem:

  • You must run Call of Duty: Warzone as administrator (in the “” launcher, select the game press RMB  in the menu, click “Show in Explorer” find the .exe file of the game by file  choose “Properties”  switch to “Compatibility”  choose the option that says “Run this program as an administrator”  at the end, be sure to click “Apply”)
  • You need to run the “” client as an administrator (click by launcher icon  choose the “Properties” option  in the window that opens, switch to “Compatibility”  choose the option that says “Run this program as an administrator”  at the end, be sure to click “Apply”)
  • You need to start the process of restoring the game files (for this, open “”  open “Properties”  choose the option “Check and restore”  click “Start check”  at the end, be sure to restart the system)
  • Temporarily disable all sorts of third-party applications (like “NZXT Cam” or “MSI Afterburner”) and overlays (“AMD” or “NVidia”) that also run in the background.
  • In the game settings, you need to lower the “Maximum frame rate” option to 60 FPS or to any other indicator at which you are sure that Call of Duty: Warzone should work stably.
  • As a last resort, if none of the advice has helped, we suggest switching to the standard settings under the condition of the overclocked video card, and plus in the graphics settings switch to “Full-screen mode (no frame)”.

Black screen / Black or colored squares / Black textures

At the moment, Call of Duty: Warzone has two very serious and extremely unpleasant bugs, because of which it becomes simply impossible to play: the screen is either covered with black textures, or black/colored squares appear. Moreover, this is not a black screen in the usual sense, because certain objects are displayed, and colored squares can start running around the screen as the character moves.

Such errors always appear in two cases. In the first – at the login stage, instead of the usual screen, a black one appears, after which Call of Duty: Warzone it hangs corny. In the second case, already in battle, where black squares appear, gradually turning into a black screen, on which only interface elements are displayed. Thus, even if both mistakes do not allow you to play in the same sophisticated way, they obviously have completely different origins, therefore, one should “fight” in different ways:

  • The first case is the most difficult because there is no 100% working way, you just have to wait for the appropriate update and take a standard set of measures (you need to restart the game, the system, check the drivers for updates and clear the cache), which slightly reduce the frequency of the bug.
  • In the second case, this happens most often for those who have an overclocked video card, so we recommend lowering the memory frequency of your graphics card (the “Memory Clock” option is responsible for this) in the “MSI Afterburner” application and best of all to the standard level. In addition, do not forget that such problems can also arise due to the overheating of the video card, so do not disregard this information.

COD Warzone Error BLZBNTBNA00000005: Attempting to wake the Blizzard Update Agent from sleep

The huge message “Attempting to wake the Blizzard Update Agent from sleep” with the code “BLZBNTBNA00000005” says that the launcher servers are not working or, more simply, “are down”.

Servers can be shut down for various reasons: there are technical problems, some major update is being prepared for release, the launcher is overloaded and much more. But if you checked the status of the servers using, for example, the Downdetector service and it turned out that they are working, then the reason is something else.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the troubleshooting steps below, which will not only help resolve the issue, but these tips can also help you determine the reason why the Blizzard Agent is “asleep.”

Reason one – Battle.Net

An extremely popular cause of this issue on the official Blizzard forum. The reason is that the launcher could not update normally, so some kind of failure occurred, and the files turned out to be “broken”, for the solution it is necessary:

  • Complete all processes related to “” in the task manager, otherwise, everything that has to be deleted in the following points, the agent will create again.
  • Delete all “” folders that are located at C: \ ProgramData \
  • Delete the “” folder located at C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Local \
  • Delete the “” folder located at C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Roaming \
  • And be sure to delete the ” Blizzard Entertainment ” folder.

Please note that the location of these folders may differ, but in any case, after deleting them, you need to launch Call of Duty: Warzone using a shortcut on the desktop. As for the rest, the matter is small – log in and start the game.

Reason two – Antivirus

In general, it is quite a standard reason when antivirus prevents the service from functioning normally. By the way, it is worth noting that in most cases the fault lies with “AVG Antivirus“, so in our case, it will be considered, but if you do not have it, you need to do a similar procedure with another antivirus and “Windows Firewall”:

  • Open “AVG Antivirus”  go to “Settings”  choose “Full protection” from the left side in the menu click on the “Improved Firewall” option.
  • A new window with the “Improved Firewall” functions will now open in front of you, where you should scroll down the menu to the very bottom and find the “Packet Rules” item (highlighted in large letters).

Disable AVG Antivirus

  • Next, you should definitely look at which port the problematic launcher agent is opening on. And usually, the address where you can find out this very port is as follows – C: /ProgramData/ There are several of them, in which case you should select only one of them.
  • Now, in the field called “Local port” you need to write the number of the port that you have specified in the line that says “The agent is running in the port …”, and it does not matter what port number is there.
  • Next, in the field called “Remote port” it is important to write the number that is indicated after the colon in the line that says “Checking the status of the network connection …”.
  • After all this, you can select “Allow” for the launcher (along the way, you will need to add the “TCP / UDP” protocols, as well as “Input / Output”).
  • And at the end, you need to rearrange the created exception to the very top of the list to push OK and restart launcher to check the performance of the game.

If nothing, unfortunately, helped, then there are only two ways. The first one is to try to launch the game directly through the .exe file, but it is dubious since most likely there will be no connection to the server, although some users claim the opposite. The second is to completely reinstall the client, but before that, be sure to check the status of the launcher servers.

COD Warzone Error BLZBNTBGS000003F8 “Server is disconnected”

Warzone Server disconnect
This is an old problem with the Call of Duty series, as it has been around since Black Ops 4. Moreover, technical support offers a standard set of tips: check for information about the current problems of the game, whether you are launching the game using, whether you are logged in correctly, and whether there are problems with your Internet connection. And, of course, none of this will give absolutely no effect, but then what to do?

Option One – Use VPN

It cannot be said that VPN helps most users, but it helps some English speaking players to get rid of the annoying “Server is down” message. Therefore, we recommend that you try this option first.

Option two – Install ports and change region

But changing ports with the region is recommended not only by English-speaking users but also by players abroad, although the method is rather complicated. Therefore, if you do not know how to do this, we suggest that you read our detailed instructions:

  • Enter the “Control Panel”  go to the “Advanced options”  then click on “Rules for incoming connections”  choose “Create rule”.
  • Now in the field for the port, enter “TCP” from the official website of Activision (see the screenshot below for convenience)  always press “Next” until you have to add a name (let it be “Call of Duty”).
    call of duty warzone port install
  • At the same time, absolutely the same manipulations must be carried out with the UDP port.
  • And now all that remains to be done is to change the server to the European one, and in the game, window to change the region, for example, to America reboot the system go into the game and check it for stability.
  • At the same time, absolutely the same manipulations must be carried out with the UDP port.
  • And now all that remains to be done is to change the server to the European one, and in the game, window to change the region, for example, to America reboot the system go into the game, and check it for stability.

“A fatal DirectX error has occurred” or Crashes with a DirectX error

cod warzone DirectX error

Unfortunately, the exact answer to the question “What causes the DirectX error in Call of Duty?” is not available. Even though it appeared in an old game like Black Ops 2 and other games in the Call of Duty series. At the same time, technical support still cannot give an unambiguous answer, and even more so, recommendations for eliminating the problem.

In this regard, below we decided to collect all the known ways to eliminate this error, which, although they do not help everyone, still they help and give the desired result:

Method one – Run with the command

  • Right-click on the Call of Duty: Warzone shortcut and choose “File location”.
  • In the window that opens, find the file with the game launcher and the .exe file of the game itself.
  • With each file in the “Properties” in the “Compatibility” tab, you must do the following: put a tick next to the option “Run as administrator” incompatibility, choose Windows 7, and be sure to check the box above (we remind you that all this must be done with each of the above files).
  • Click “Apply” and close the window.
  • Now you need to write a code in the launcher for the game, without which Warzone will not start with the set parameters in the properties, so to do this, go to the “Settings” of the game choose “Game settings” next to the item “Additional command-line arguments” set a check mark “, and in the line itself write the command -d3d11  press OK and check the game for updates and launch it.

Finally, we note that in some cases, using this method, you can do without changing the compatibility with the Windows 7 operating system, leaving everything as it is. Therefore, if all else fails, try to do the same, but without setting compatibility with Win 7.

Method two – disable “RivaTuner Statistics Server”

Some users claim that they were helped by disabling the ” RivaTuner Statistics Server ” application that comes with MSI Afterburner. Alternatively, disable this utility and any other similar ones that run in the background along with Call of Duty: Warzone.

Call Of Duty Warzone DEV ERROR 6036

cod warzone

This error in Warzone always occurs for one reason – there was a lack of memory. It is possible that this happened after the update, so the game worked fine up to this point, and now it began to crash unexpectedly. And the tips for solving the problem in this regard are quite standard:

  • Disable all background applications and even more overlays.
  • Lower the quality of the graphics.
  • Use the swap file.
  • Turn off the caching options for spots and sun shadows.

Chat or microphone not working in the game  and Other audio problems

First, check the volume level in the game settings, after which, if you have several audio devices connected to the console or computer, you should check the connection of the headset, microphone and, without fail, speakers:

  • On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, open Settings select “Devices”  then find and click on “Audio devices”.
  • On a computer or laptop, click on the volume control icon located in the tray then select the option “Recorders”, where you start to check which microphones are not connected and which are connected now go to the “Playback” tab, where you check the operation of the speakers and headphones.

And this, unfortunately, is all that can be done with sound in Call of Duty: Warzone at the moment, if standard methods of solving problems with sound did not help. Therefore, when the game has problems with the sounds of shots, the sounds of vehicles in the game are doubled, bugs with the sounds of footsteps appear, or the sounds do not change in accordance with the vertical surface, you must wait for the corresponding patch from the developers. Because all the sound problems are due to a poorly designed audio engine, as is the case with CoD: Modern Warfare 2019.

And if you want to know what they are going to fix in the near future, as well as what the developers will work on, then you can familiarize yourself with the official work plan on Trello where they actively share relevant information.

Call Of Duty Warzone DEV ERROR 5759

It is difficult to say what exactly this error is related to, as sometimes it says that the video card does not meet the minimum requirements or an error has been found in the GPU, and sometimes that there are problems with the software. Moreover, most often with each item, there is complete order, as many users say. This is why when Call of Duty: Warzone crashes with the error “DEV ERROR 5759”, players are stumped, which is not surprising. However, there is a solution, and we suggest you take a closer look at it:

  • First, you need to run the file recovery utility in (open the launcher choose Call of Duty: Warzone open the menu under the game choose the option “Check and restore”  click “Start to check”  wait until the end of the process).
  • Make sure to check for the latest updates for video card drivers and Windows 10.
  • And after you go through the stage of updating everything that is necessary, disable the built-in video card with the second monitor (if possible, then it is better to disconnect and play all together, thus, until the error is resolved by the developers, but otherwise you can try to connect/turn on devices again).

COD Warzone Crashes With memory Error 9-531

An unpleasant error that occurs right during the game in the midst of a battle: at first Warzone hangs corny, after which it crashes. And surprisingly, “Memory Error 9-531” has nothing to do with RAM, although it points to it. To resolve this error, we recommend that you read the following tips:

  • The first step is to temporarily disable the crossplay mode (for this, go to the “Options” of the game find and click on “Account”  select the item “Crossley”  click “Disable”).
  • If it does not help, then you should reboot the router and router reload Call of Duty: Warzone restart console/computer/laptop check drivers for new updates.
  • If a complete reboot did not help, then you will have to resort to a radical way to solve the problem, which absolutely no one who plays the new version of Call of Duty likes, namely to completely reinstall the game (in this case, the problem will definitely disappear, as they say, many users).

Call Of Duty Warzone Error Code: 262146 & Error Code: 263234

Error Code: 262146

There are quite a few different bugs in Call of Duty: Warzone that indicate that there were problems connecting the game to the server. And error code 262146 together with 263234 belong precisely to this category of problems (although not as critical as many others), so if you checked the game servers, and they are in perfect order, you just need to restart the router, console (by turning off the power ), a computer or laptop, as well as the game itself. A completely standard procedure helps to get rid of these problems, which, in all likelihood, arise due to some kind of system failure.

The message “We are aware of an issue …” appears

If suddenly, after launching in, the message “We are aware of an issue …” or “We know of a problem …” suddenly appears, then you need to wait a little while Blizzard’s technical support finishes working. This message always means that the developers are fixing some bugs. However, in extremely rare cases, this message can occur due to a system failure.

It is quite simple to check if the alert occurred by accident or by design: just restart the system and then try to enter the launcher again. And if this message reappears, then we recommend that you periodically follow the official Blizzard Twitter account, where they promptly report this.

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