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Can Space Saver Bags Ruin Your Clothes?

Can Space Saver Bags Ruin Your Clothes?

It doesn’t matter how spacious your closet is because it never seems big enough to house all your clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. That’s why the popularity of space saver bags is on the rise, as these creative solutions offer people ways of stuffing their things.

Space savers or vacuum storage bags are the perfect way of storing your out-of-style and out-of-season apparel. One may also use them when they do not have enough room while shifting from one place to another or while traveling.


In the past few years, these sacks have gained tremendous popularity as a significant number of individuals are beginning to use them for storage purposes.

Is it Okay to use Space Saver Bags for Storing Clothes?

Before you begin bagging up your garments in space saver bags, ask yourself – are they really the correct option?

The answer to the above question is both – YES and NO.


Room saver sacks hardly contain any air as it is pulled out when the packing is finished, reducing their size to a fraction of its initial volume.

People sometimes use these pouches for reserving their apparel for a considerable length of time – say six months to a year. But, the duration for which you can use these articles depends on the fabric of your garments.

For instance, apparel created from leather and natural fiber, such as wool and fur needs air to preserve its form, and if you keep them from the air for too long, it might lose its structure.

When pulling all the air from vacuum storage bags for bedding, you also compress the fabric of your clothes, making them lose their form. So, keeping the apparel in this condition for a considerable time will ruin them.


However, it is vital to note that when you remove the apparel from the pouch, its fiber will certainly uncompress, but it might consumer a long while to do so.

According to a Fiber and Polymer Science expert, the attire created using the natural fiber may assume the exact share of the term to uncompress as they are expended in the room saver sacks.

In other words, if you keep the fiber in vacuum sacks for six months, you might need to wait for another six months until they are suitable to wear again!

To Sum Up


If you are planning to keep your garments in room saver pouches for a considerable time, it is essential to air them now and then. It is so because wool items retain moisture that may ruin additional materials in the sack. Leather clothing is another item that must not be kept in room saver sacks.

It is so because they may develop creases and wrinkles, carrying away their smooth appeal because of the intensive force involved during sealing.

For reserving articles made up of fabrics, such as cotton, spandex, rayon, and polyester, space saver bags are the perfect option, especially for seasonal storage. However, it is essential to air the products every six months, no matter what fabric they are made of.

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