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8 Tips on How to Care for Your Automatic Watch

8 Tips on How to Care for Your Automatic Watch

Automatic watch undoubtedly helps to keep up with this fast times! With it, you certainly get on time and realize all your plans. That’s why you need a quality watch like an automatic watch.

If you already have this popular model or want to get one, it is important to know how to maintain it properly. These models are a matter of prestige, their production is time consuming and it takes a lot of skills to produce one model. So appreciate your automatic watch and adopt some tips we have prepared for you. Repairing a watch is more expensive than maintaining it and that is why you need to learn to take good care of it.

1. Keeping of automatic clocks


It is recommended to dispose of automatic watches in a special box. Not only will this have a visual effect, but special boxes will prevent damage to the product. This includes scratches, falls and many other possible damages that you can imagine. For example, if you have small children or pets, it is mandatory to store all valuables in a safe place.

Children and pets are too curious and will easily find your automatic watch if you place it in a visible place. Fortunately, the boxes are designed to fit very easily into any interior and space. They also contain multiple compartments which means you can keep the entire collection inside. If you use a winding device, keep it right next to it so you don’t lose it.

2. Clean the automatic watch regularly


Every automatic watch that is worn often becomes a real magnet for dirt. Regular cleaning of the watch is a very important item. It is not only a question of health reasons, but also the lifespan of the watch, as well as the appearance itself. Otherwise, a lot of dirt will accumulate on your automatic watch over time, which is difficult to remove. When cleaning, it is recommended to use special napkins or a dry soft cloth.

This routine operation removes dust, dirt, sweat and all other particles that have ended up on your hand. Cleaning should be repeated every night. If your watch is water resistant, you can wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in water and mild soap. Dry it in the air and return it to its original packaging. However, the cleaning method will depend on the bracelet material.

3. Wear it every day


If you want to ensure the best performance and accuracy, as suggested by, it is recommended to wear an automatic watch for men every day. However, you can always store it properly in the winder, which will make sure that it maintains the drive of the mechanism and constantly winds the drive springs. It is a very useful supplement for all those who do not plan to wear a watch every day.

4. Avoid harmful effects

Keep your watch away from harmful chemicals such as aggressive cosmetics, fragrances, detergents and various types of solvents. If you expose your watch to these conditions for a long time, you can permanently damage it. The blows are equally bad in an hour.

Each type of shaking automatically affects the mechanism, glass and other components of the watch. Pointers, indices, etc. are also endangered. Avoid dropping the watch, as you probably wouldn’t survive the fall. Automatic mechanisms consist of a large number of parts that are very sensitive.

5. Keep your watch away from water and moisture


Remember that moisture is definitely one of the biggest enemies of your watch. Although most watches are waterproof to a certain depth, you should keep it away from humid environments. Whether your bracelet is made of stainless steel or a fabric belt, always follow this rule.

Before you put it in the storage box, make sure you wipe it dry with a dry cloth and make sure it is wet. This will prevent rust.

6. Keep the automatic watch away from strong magnets or electronics

Mechanical watches are bothered by magnets. The magnetic field can cause drastic changes in their mode of operation. This means that it will significantly speed it up or slow it down. Mobile phones have strong radiation, which also affects the wristwatch mechanism.

We are sure that most of you will leave your watches in the immediate vicinity of mobile phones, but do not do that if you do not want to cause a change in the mode of operation of mechanical watches. In addition to mobile devices, other electronic devices have a great influence. The reason is the metal parts that make up the watch.

7. Service it regularly


It is necessary to regularly service the automatic watch in order to lubricate and clean all parts. It is recommended to do service every 3 years. This will ensure a clean and accurate watch that will last a long time.

8. Don’t test your watch

No matter how expensive you paid for your automatic watch and whether it is resistant to external influences, do not test the limits of its durability. There are owners who have done extreme tests such as leaving the watch in the fridge and the like. Despite high survival rates, this makes no sense.

Even if you don’t destroy it, you can damage it and pay dearly for the repair. For example, there are models that are impact resistant, but do not provide perfect protection against impacts from all angles. Also, water-resistant wristwatches cannot survive the same water depths.


Depending on the model, don’t forget to wind your watch regularly. Regardless of whether you wear your watch every day, there may be a slight deviation over a long period of time. This can be influenced by the outside temperature and many other external factors. As long as you take proper care of it, it will be useful and a great detail on your hand for a long time. This technically perfect invention is a reliable companion for men and women in all life situations: work, entertainment and family activities.

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