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Classes You Need to Attend to Improve Your Writing Education

Classes You Need to Attend to Improve Your Writing Education

To become a writer, formal education is not a must. You can educate yourself in different ways. You can take classes, read and write for yourself. Even professional writers take classes. Most writers spend a lot on classes to ensure that they are better writers.

When you take other people’s classes, it helps you learn more. The thing that you learn as a writer can help you in your writing and teach others yourself. According to attending classes equip you better in writing and other skills in your life.

Leigh Shulman, an established writer, explains how attending classes and taking courses have helped him develop his writing, hone his business skills, shape how he spends his time, improve his craft, shape how he writes, and shape him into the person he wants to be. He further states that the skills he has learned make him a better writer, but it has made him support other writers. Many of the course creators, with time, have become friends and other mentors in his writing journey.

We can find different classes that can help us in writing and all of these courses will have a significant impact on you, Writing to some people is a business, and some of these apps will help improve your business skills. The prices of the courses range. Some can get accessed for free, while others cost thousands of dollars.

1. altMBA


It is a creation of Seth Godin and is an elective business class. It takes one month. It takes you to the profound of business measures, finding marking and showcasing. Every week you can participate and meet the others in your learning gathering. The learning bunch changes week by week. It encourages you to meet an alternate assortment of individuals with various aptitudes and in various fields.

Notwithstanding having a turning learning gathering, you get given new ventures to show you various exercises each week. With each venture, you make an individual undertaking, generally composed. The ventures are stretched into photography, plan of the action plan, workmanship, and different areas. Consistently you present your task to your learning gathering. As you react to others’ undertakings, they will likewise react to yours. You, at that point, react to the criticism given to you.

The takeaway from this course:

Feedback has incredible power. Sometimes it’s unwanted, but it helps you in your growth. As a writer, you need such feedback to grow and give you honest feedback on your work help.

2. Plan your writing Roadmap


It is a free course that encourages you in your composing venture. The course helps in making what the ideal composing should be. The course depends on a book. This course is a decent advance in finding a network of authors on the web. The people group is known as the workshop. The course goes through a progression of five messages. These messages take you through an excursion of having what you need to be recorded as a hard copy, your goals, and guiding principle. It will likewise assist you with arranging yourself.

The takeaway from this course:

This course’s primary objective is to give you direction and a clear goal of where you need to go. If you do not know the destination, you will never know where you are going.



Jocelyn Glei is the creator of this course. What RESET does is it teaches you to take a rest from your busy life and create boundaries. It also teaches you how to have control of yourself. Most creative work gets done when the true value gets acknowledged. With this, we can enjoy life and also our work which leads to great success.

The takeaway from the course:

You will set clear boundaries in your life. It will help you focus your time and energy on the right things and be more productive in everything that you do.

4. The Workshop


It is an online network for authors. The workshops assist authors with defining objectives for their composition and afterward execute it to get it going. The workshop got made by Leigh Shulman, and it depends on a strategy that he utilizes for composing. As an essayist joining the workshop, the initial step is to design your career as a writer. In his book, The Writers Roadmap, Leigh Shulman has outlined the plan.

At the point when you join the workshop, you get a duplicate of the book and get backing to guarantee that you set up an arrangement and execute it. As you keep on learning new abilities, there is normal responsibility. You additionally get authors who will root for you in your excursion.

The takeaway from this course:

When you are in your writing life without a plan, it is easy to lose patience. But having a clear ideal plan helps, and having a community of people to support you will keep you accountable.

5. Akimbo’s Story Skills workshop


Bernadette Jiwa and Seth Godin design this class. If you are a storyteller, this is the perfect class for you. It takes your narrative designing a step further. It helps you answer essential questions. How can you market yourself using your story? How can your story spread an important message?

The stories you create in this class are usually used in print, online, life events, and videos.

The takeaway from this course:

This course will help you face your fears of speaking Infront of people or a video camera.


These are just a few courses that we can mention to help you in your writing journey. You can look out for some other courses: Growth University, Partnership accelerator, Corporeal Writing Poetry Classes, Masterclass, and Litreactor Young Adult Course.

You can never stop learning, and when it comes to writing, it is the same. Challenge yourself to attend a class and learn something to improve your writing and also your business. These courses will equip you more and also connect you to other writers and belong to a community.

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