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10 Tips for Setting Up a Homework Routine That Works

10 Tips for Setting Up a Homework Routine That Works

If you are an adult and parent who has children who go to school, then you probably remember how much you hate the homework back then. So, don’t freak out over your child not wanting to complete the tasks for school. The whole process can be very stressful, especially when the parents aren’t really able to help the kids complete their school tasks. The problem became even more visible since the last year, as most of the children are studying from home, due to the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the teachers aren’t available all the time to work with them, and being a parent of a school kid today is equal to having an additional, but still unpaid job.

A lot of parents today are tutors to their children, since the classes are shorter, and they aren’t always focused on the lessons. There are plenty of distractions at home, and it’s a real struggle for both the parents and teachers, but those who suffer most are the students. But, this situation was also a chance for some businesses to grow.

Being a high-school student is a little bit different because they are getting ready for their academic life. In these cases, the parents don’t have to do a lot, because it all depends on the students at high school, college, or university. But, that’s why services like HomeworkMarket exist. Being a young adult is not easy too, because these people have a lot of responsibilities, and they are halfway between childhood and adulthood. This period is very important for them, since they are learning to survive without the help of their parents, all alone, and it’s normal for some occasions to need help with their homework. And yes, university students can have homework, just like the kids in primary schools.

Having a nice routine of doing the homework will be very useful, but you need to work on it, so it can be efficient. So, here are a few tips on how to do that, as a young adult student:

1. It should be your top priority


Probably you will have more than one homework as you study, so it’s always good to make it a priority. Work on it every day, and then you can have some spare time for fun. But if after-school activities are taking a lot of time, maybe you should stop some of them for a few weeks, until you complete your school tasks. Also, if you have more than one task, you need to prioritize them according to the deadline. If something seems too easy for you, but you have a longer period to do it, just leave it, and focus on more complicated tasks with a shorter return period.

2. Decide how much time you will dedicate to it


Depending on the requirements, you should make a plan and decide how many hours per day you can let yourself work on it. Planning your time is beneficial in so many ways, and if you complete most of the tasks, you can have time to spend with your friends, partner, or family, without worrying you will be late.

3. Don’t do the homework in your bed


The bed is for sleeping, tables and desks are for work. Having a healthy sleeping schedule is crucial for one student, no matter the age, to be successful. So, don’t bring your books and laptop to the bed. That’s a place where you rest and restart for the next day.

4. Don’t let the anxiety take over you


Homework is a huge responsibility because sometimes it depends on them if you get a better mark or pass the class. That can cause a lot of stress, but you can include some stress-relieving routine, like having your favorite cup of coffee, or tea. But, don’t overdo it with the tea, because it can easily make you sleepy. Have a nice meal before you sit down to work on it.

5. Consult with the teachers


It’s always good to have transparent communication with the teachers, so it’s important to stay connected to them. If you have some difficulties, they will help you understand them, without postponing the deadline of the project.

Don’t worry parents, we didn’t forget you. If you have a child at home, who struggles with homework, here are some additional tips for you:

6. Schedule a study time after the lunch


Let your kids have some rest, but remind them they have responsibilities. Avoid working on school tasks in the evening, and always ask them to remember if they have something to do for school because they can easily forget about it.

7. Plan with them


Sit down and ask them to plan their spare time. You can help them include the school tasks, playing time, TV time, the meal, and the breaks. See if they can plan it by themselves.

8. Remove the distractions


Don’t let them use the computer for games, or listen to loud music when doing the homework. It’s a challenging time, and it’s not easy to have a student at home, but the whole family should be careful with the distractions – just like you don’t want them while working.

9. Know what are the teachers looking for

Children aren’t always capable to tell what the teacher told them, so the parent-teacher relationship is important for the whole process.

10. Don’t promise treats

School is not something that deserves rewards. It’s a process we all went through, so the children will also have to. The treats and rewards aren’t a solution, even though sometimes they can really work, and motivate the kid to be more efficient when doing the homework.

As you can see, there is always a solution, no matter how challenging the whole situation is. If you are a student, then you have a responsibility to plan the homework time efficiently. But, if you are a parent of a younger child, then you have to work together with them until they learn how to be independent in their school tasks.

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