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6 Tips on How to Clean a Greasy Range Hood – 2024 Guide

6 Tips on How to Clean a Greasy Range Hood – 2024 Guide

Can you remember when was the last time you’ve maintained the range hood in your kitchen? If the answer to this question is “not recently” or even worse, “never”, you should know that you have a major health and fire hazard right in your home. Since it’s quite dangerous to have a greasy stove hood, you should maintain it as soon as you can and if you don’t know how to, our 2024 guide will shed some light on the entire topic. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Gather All The Equipment You’ll Require


Before you can clean the range hood oven, you’ll need to gather all the equipment and cleaning products you need. For the scrubbing, you’ll require a multipurpose cleaning solution, a brush for scrubbing, some liquid dish soap, an old towel, warm water, a sink, as well as gloves, protective goggles, and some old clothes.

2. Take Out The Filters + Grease Tray

Once you’ve purchased or gathered all the equipment you’ll require, next you’ll have to take out the filters and grease tray. Start by lifting the stainless steel filters from the hood and then move them upwards so that you can take them out. When you’re done, you’ll then see the grease trap within the hood. It’ll simply be a long metal tray that you should remove.

3. Fill The Sink With Hot Water + Soak The Tray


In order to clean the tray, you should fill up your kitchen sink with hot water and liquid soap, which will help with breaking down the grease that has been building up for a long time. It should remain in the solution for approximately 5 minutes, but this will depend on the amount of grease and dirt on the tray. Once you’re done soaking the first part, flip it so the other one can get soaked too.

4. Clean The Tray With a Sponge

When the tray has been in the solution for about 10 minutes – 5 minutes for each of the sides – you should wipe the grease off with the gentle side of a sponge. A simple multipurpose cleaning solution will be sufficient and avoid using bleach or chlorine since these will just damage the surface of the tray.

5. Rinse + Wipe The Tray


According to the experts from Premier Grease, you should never return a wet and soapy grease tray into the hood, which is why you must rinse it properly. When you’re done, you should dry it completely by using an old cloth or some paper towel, and when dried completely, you can reinstall it.

6. Replace The Filters + Reinstall Them

Since you’ve already placed the tray back into the range hood, you should either clean or replace the filters, but this will depend on the type of filters you have. Nonetheless, ensure that they’re clean and then reinstall them. Keep in mind, both the tray and filters have to be dry so that you avoid damaging the surfaces of the hood.


Although most people think that it isn’t necessary to maintain their range hood often, this isn’t entirely true, especially since it’ll then pose a health and fire hazard. Hence, if you cannot remember when was the last time that you’ve cleaned it, drop everything that you’re doing, and start with the first step we’ve mentioned above – which is gathering all the equipment you’ll require for cleaning your range hood.

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