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6 Digital Signage Technologies That Are Currently Popular – 2024 Review

6 Digital Signage Technologies That Are Currently Popular – 2024 Review

If you have been in business and marketing for a long time, you know that it changes almost completely every 5 to 10 years. Especially changes have become often now that technologies are advancing at the speed of light. And then came 2024, which brought us a coronavirus pandemic and forced companies to further devise ways to adapt to the new situation and somehow survive.

So it’s no wonder that digital signage, which is certainly very popular for years now, has been gaining even more in popularity lately. It is no longer enough to have only large screens that display interesting content all over the cities, but all this must be part of a larger signage system. Content must be constantly updated and also new technologies to be introduced as soon as they become available. In order for your company to better implement this game changing technology and manage to survive the current difficult times, we have written for you about digital signage technologies that are currently popular.

  1. Touch screen

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Touch screens were something we could only see in science fiction movies and then it looked like something from the distant future, but today they are all around us. In addition to the fact that we all have smartphones, tablets and other devices that have a touch screen, they are also implemented on many other appliances such as refrigerators and stoves. This has led to this type of technology being significantly expanded in digital signage and being used more and more.

Special sensors are also used that can detect the difference between the strength of pressure, something similar to the 3D touch that has become standard on smartphones. Many companies are working to further improve the use of touch screens for digital signage. Significant progress is expected in this field, primarily in terms of the quality of the touch screen itself, then its size, but also durability.

  1. Employee communication software

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Working from home is a growing trend that has grown more and more due to advances in technology and the speed of the internet, but it has become something inevitable during this year when we had to maintain a social distance to stay healthy. We could no longer gather in offices and have meetings, but we also have to continue our business in order to survive. That is why digital signage software, which is cloud-based, has enabled work to continue uninterrupted, while keeping everyone safe.

The importance of the software like indigoworkplace will not be diminished once the vaccine arrives and life returns to normal, for two reasons. The first reason is that life will not return completely to normal, probably for at least another year. During that time, many will return to the offices, but digital signage systems will help reduce the need for close contact that can lead to virus transmission. And the second reason is that people are generally enthusiastic about this way of doing business and want to keep it at least to some extent.

  1. Artificial intelligence

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Almost every day we can read some fascinating information about how far the development of artificial intelligence has progressed. The latest in a series of such news reports is that artificial intelligence developed by DeepMind, one of the world’s best companies for artificial intelligence, has solved a problem over 50 years old. That is why it is necessary to implement artificial intelligence in digital signage as well, and many experts are working on that at this very moment.

In this way, the target group will be reached much better, which will lead to much more successful marketing campaigns. All this will lead to a significant improvement in personalization. And personalization is certainly the most effective way to attract new customers. When something is tailored for them, people feel much more important and then decide to work with you.

  1. Interactivity

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You can best capture the attention of each person by offering them interactive content. When he just needs to watch content or something like that, there is a possibility that he will become bored and lose concentration. But when you offer them to participate in that content themselves, you can rest assured that they won’t turn around and leave after a minute.

Many technologies have influenced the development of interactivity, most notably touch screen, facial recognition and Near Field Communications (NFC). You probably use all three every day on your smartphone. For example, NFC has become the most used for payment purposes. The interactivity will also help those developing digital signage software as it will provide them with detailed data analysis.

  1. Live content

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It used to take a variety of expensive equipment to be able to stream live content, and today it’s all very simple due to cloud technologies. You can stream whatever you want on any display with just a few clicks. You no longer have to figure out in advance what will be on the digital display and then not change it for days or weeks.

Now you can constantly provide your customers with the latest information or play live content, however you want and feel it is ideal for your marketing campaign. What is expected in the near future is that it will be possible to have interactive live content. What it means? So that people who watch live content stream on a digital screen will be able to get involved in live events with the help of cameras and touch screens.

  1. Data analytics

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Few things can be more valuable to a company than data analytics. Although your ideas work great for you, you won’t know if they will be successful until you get feedback from the customers. And it was practically impossible to get feedback through the most popular advertising methods such as TVs or billboards.

You had virtually no clear feedback on the success of your campaign. Now all that has changed with digital signage, because that way you get in depth feedback. For example, smart billboards that analyze people’s behavior are becoming more and more popular, and in that way you will know if you are doing a good job and what your target group is, because the analysis will give you information about age, gender and the like.


Every bad thing, however, brings something positive, and so does COVID-19. In this case, it is the advanced development of various technologies that will have a very positive impact on many things.

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