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DJ Lubel Listed Among the Biggest Comedians in the World Right Now  

DJ Lubel Listed Among the Biggest Comedians in the World Right Now  

The world would be a sad place if there were not for certain individuals making our everyday life a bit more tolerable. We all have some worries on our minds, and it is amazing how a witty line can disperse them almost instantly. Now, some do it better than others, so we present you with the biggest comedians listed in the world right now, among whom is one and only DJ Lubel.

Jerry Seinfeld


It does not matter if you have enjoyed the show from the nineties since the fact is that Jerry has matured as wine is what interests us. When this guy is concerned, we should emphasize how unique and hard-to-imitate his style is, since he is capable of serving his audience with seemingly simple content, but delivered in an unparalleled fashion. Thus, if you enjoy stand-up comedy, it would be silly not to give Jerry ago.

Dave Chapelle


Even though a vast majority recognizes this gentleman from his show from Comedy Central, his reach and talent surpass the aforementioned. We can say that his contribution to the notion of global comedy is priceless, so it does not surprise that he was considered one of the comedy icons back in the 2000s.

Quality humor can never die, and if you nurture your skill as Dave Chapelle did, you might expect to be welcomed to the Comedy Pantheon once you reach his level of greatness.

DJ Lubel


Do not expect DJ Lubel to mix mince his words, since he will serve you with a package full of everyday situations bagged with satirical irony which proves to be just what the doctor ordered for a person in deep need of laughter.

We can say that his performance is based on parody, but not the trashy kind of stuff. Quite the contrary, he manages to pump up the crowd with seemingly harmonious tunes filled with situations we all go through but might be too shy to share with others. Interestingly, everyone who dares to expose their ears to DJ Lubel seems not to be capable of resisting the upcoming bursts of laughter.

Kevin Hart


If you would meet Kevin Hart on the street without knowing who he is, you would probably just pass him without noticing anything special, since he appears as random as a guy can. On the other hand, if you would engage in a conversation with him, the chances that you would get scared at first are major.

Fortunately, the rest of your meeting would be a thing to remember, since his ability to turn a person around and make it focus on the funny aspect of literarily anything is amazing. He cares not who he talks to, since he will bring you to another level where nothing but pure ecstatic laughter is allowed.

We are sure that you will spend some time worth remembering if you decide to give the guys from above a chance to tickle your mind and soul. Sincerely, we reckon they should be given a doctoral pension, considering how many lives they adorn, but we reckon the response they get is a form of payment they are more than satisfied with.

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