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Can You Drive Cross Country In A Rental Car? – 2024 Guide

Can You Drive Cross Country In A Rental Car? – 2024 Guide

Driving a rental car out of state or crossing national borders can be a bit tricky or scary to some people. Not a lot of us know where to go, who to turn to, and we are unaware of our options. If you’re looking for the right answers to your questions in terms of cross-country drives, keep on reading since we have answers to your questions.

Is it possible to drive out of state?

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It is, but only if you follow the right guidelines, and if you are aware of all of your options. Here are some crucial rules:

1. In most cases you can book a cross country car anywhere in the world and even get unlimited mileage, but only if you find the best (and right) provider. You won’t be able to drive out of state if you rent from some unknown or smaller companies. This is because these services do not have the drop-off option for your car on the other side.

2. You need to know that each state is unique and a story in itself. There are special rules to keep in mind for let’s say Hawaii. In most cases, these rentals need to stay on the island where they were rented. It is always crucial to talk the details through with your provider.

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3. When it comes to Canada or Mexico, you also get a green light for your rental services. However, there is this minor exception when it comes to bigger limos, exotics, and large cargo vehicles. However, border-crossing can be a bit tricky, which is why it is essential to have all of your needed paperwork with you.

4. If you find yourself renting a car and driving to Europe just know that you will run into the cross-border fee. Not a lot of foreigners are well-informed about it. This fee covers extra taxes, insurance, and other expenses. The price itself can vary from €10 – €90 depending on the car, as well as the country’s standards. Forgetting to pay the fees will result in your rental car insurance not being valid.

5. You should know that you’re also being tracked. Some rental cars are equipped with GPS tracking devices, which means that you need to be honest & upfront with your provider before you get into that car and plan out your route.

6. Unlimited mileage is available for most cars all over the United States. This means that you can enjoy your ride carefreely! Just know which care to choose from since there are mid-sized options, SUVs, smaller solutions, as well as luxury & sporty convertibles.

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7. Last, but not least, just know that you will be asked to fuel your vehicle and refuel it back to the same fuel level as when it was picked up.

If you’re looking for an amazing solution & you need the best of the best, make sure to check out this car rental service. There are over 15 different countries from different continents to choose from, as well as over 35 different cities to browse through. Enjoy their driver service, different brands & models of cars, as well as good deals & great prices!

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