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How Reliable are GMC Trucks – 2024 Guide

How Reliable are GMC Trucks – 2024 Guide

GMC is one of the most popular truck brands out there in the USA with thousands of outlets and dealerships selling GMC trucks in their car stores. However, it is also one of the most controversial truck brands because it often gets in the news for not offering as much value as it should and delivering subpar vehicles.

According to, one of the leading car news websites in the market, the reliability of GMC trucks is often questioned which leads to consumers wondering if they are purchasing a reliable truck or not. In this article, we aim to combat that very confusion and figure out if GMC trucks are really reliable or if there are just fake rumors flying around.

The reality of GMC truck reliability


GMC trucks are often considered to be king in terms of features and price. The only problem is, these features come at the cost of the entire truck being full of unreliable features and aspects. Hundreds of consumers who have bought GMC trucks have complained about facing problems in the 8-speed transmission control.

Many car magazines have deemed their 8-speed transmission one of the worst transmissions that you can buy in the car market out there. There have even been cases where consumers have sued the company for delivering such subpar transmissions in their trucks.

That’s not all. If you were to buy the 2014 and 2015 models, which we will strongly recommend against, you will find out that the models have terrible headlight patterns and light visibility. It is so bad that truck drivers who have bought a GMC truck are afraid to go out at night because of the headlights issue.

But perhaps the most major issue, and a dealbreaker for many people, is GMC trucks’ infamous A/C issue. While some cases are mild, such as the A/C not working properly and not delivering enough air, some HVAC problems are significantly major to require immediate repairs.

Many truck buyers who have a GMC truck have said that the AC condenser starts leaking into the car after they have driven it around for a while. Since an HVAC is not exactly a cheap device, replacing it usually costs anywhere between $900-1100 which is a hefty extra price that you’ll be paying for the car.

Should you buy a GMC truck?


While GMC trucks aren’t the most reliable trucks out there, they do seem to integrate various new updated technologies – especially in the newer models. The J.D. Power vehicle dependability study ranks the newer GMC trucks quite high in their rankings. Also, the issues that we listed above only pertain to specific older models.

However, even the newer models of their trucks have the potential to be unreliable. Their latest Sierra 1500 was found to be quite low in the reliability rankings of various car reviews and already has had 8 recalls from customers.

Even though the issues haven’t been reported publicly or online, it doesn’t shrug off the fact that GMC trucks still may have not introduced a considerable improvement in their latest truck models. The decision of buying their trucks, however, is completely up to you but the reliability they offer isn’t to be trusted at all costs.

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