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Why Being Environmentally Conscious Is So Hard For Some People

Why Being Environmentally Conscious Is So Hard For Some People

Simply because of the mindset. There are various mindsets where people think that they do not owe anything to the environment. While some think that it is no use crying over spilled milk. But whatever the reason is, the ignorance, regarding environmental health is there. If you are one of those people who continuously spread awareness regarding environmental issues, you must have encountered such people.

Furthermore, the excess use of plastic has made us dependent upon it. Even if we find alternatives to plastic packaging, the already present plastic in the environment is too much. This also makes people think that the time to do something has passed.

However, this is not the end. We still have this world and we can change a lot of things. There are alternative solutions to every plastic use because we have started using it only for a few decades. Moreover, our ancestors had lived a plastic-free life. All you need is the right platform to learn. For example, you can go to and get environmental-friendly alternatives.

You can find several articles related to environmental-friendly solutions at If you love going to picnics, there are zero waste solutions for that. Likewise, if you aim to prefer safe packaging, you have to avoid harmful substances. And they provide a list of harmful substances that manufacturers use in packaging material. If you learn about them, you will be able to avoid them.

Excuses that people make

1. We are too late to do anything

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One of the common excuses that people make is that time has passed. Almost all the global reports and surveys show that even if we start thinking about nature, it will take decades to reverse the negative impacts that we have caused already. Therefore, people do not even try to make effort. They say that we are unable to do anything.

2. What can I do?

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This is the most common excuse for people who do not want to do anything. So when you tell such a person to do something, they will say what can I do? A single person like me is unable to bring any change. Even if I stop buying plastic products, it won’t make any change. Even if I stop using aerosols, it won’t stop climate change. People make such excuses and forget that drops combine to make sea.

Single efforts make big changes. We have to do everything that is in our power. And together, we can make big changes. If every one of us thinks the same, nothing will change. But if every one of us starts doing something, a little effort would be enough.

3. I don’t have time to think about it

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Life is not the same for everyone. Some people have to work really hard to earn their living. So if you encounter such a person, he will give his excuse of not having time. He will say that I am too busy doing my job and cannot think about plants and these things.

Likewise, some others will say that I have to raise my kids, I have a family to feed. I rarely get a chance to spend time with them, so how can I think about these things? Moreover, they do not have the time to recycle things and create homemade things. They can buy a plastic container of jam from the market instead of making it at home. Because homemade things do take time.

4. Environmental-friendly things are expensive

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Environmental-friendly products are a bit expensive than regular items. However, this is because of the supply and demand rule. The demand for zero-waste products is not that high and this was too severe in the past. Although the trend is changing but the price difference is still there.

This is also the reason that many people do not buy them. Because not everyone can afford to pay more in a society where it is even hard to meet daily needs. People try their best to buy things at a discount so they can save some money. Therefore, in developing countries, this reason is quite common.

5. I do not owe anything to the environment?

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You must have heard it too. People do not think much about nature. All they want is to get benefits from the shade of trees but no one wants to plant them. We have done rapid deforestation in the past few years. And because of this deforestation, the number of plants is reducing. On the other hand, our pollution rates are increasing at a rapid rate. We are producing more carbon dioxide while not planting more trees to cope with it.

The situation becomes worse with the mentality of people that this is normal. Yes, a lot of people out there believe that cutting trees is something normal. Melting ice caps is normal. And they also believe that the same thing has been going on for past centuries. Nature restores itself. It does not need humans.

Yes, nature does not need humans to make use of it and pollute it. Plants and trees can survive without humans but humans cannot survive without trees. All the oxygen that we consume, comes from trees. So have you ever thought that if we do not plant trees, where would we get oxygen to breathe? We have to buy a lot of it and we are unable to produce that amount.

6. Green products are not much effective

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Here we have another baseless belief. People do think that green products are nothing more than just a tag and they don’t really work. This is not true.

Can you drink manufactured milk? No, you cannot. Because this is actually something fake.

If you drink a glass of milk, you get a lot of nutrients. However, if you start taking vitamin pills. You will have to take a lot in order to fulfill your daily requirements. Furthermore, we get bore with the same things. so you won’t be able to take them for a lifetime.

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