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Why You Should Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Why You Should Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

With the onset of the pandemic, the majority of us individuals have been spending the most of our time at home, which is way more than what we used to spend pre-pandemic. Even prior to the pandemic, research has discovered that 60-90 percent of the time an individual spends would be indoors, within the comforts of their homes.

Unfortunately, the upkeep of indoor facilities such as air ducts is something many individuals don’t feel the need to perform as regularly as it needs to be done. Air ducts play a major role in the ventilation of the room as well as the air that we breathe. Hence it is mandatory to look into their maintenance regularly.

Air ducts must be maintained right from their earlier stages so that the worst-case scenario involving vermin or clogged ducts is not the only time one contemplates getting their air ducts cleaned.

Let us take a quick look at the various reasons why air ducts must be regularly cleaned.

1. Safeguards health


Health is something none of us should take lightly. In fact, it is very important to maintain a high level of hygiene when it comes to our surroundings. In the case of air ducts, dust and other types of particles that are found in the air end up collecting in the duct system which in turn affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the functionality of the air duct.

The dirt that accumulates in the HVAC system has a direct impact on the individuals exposed to this sort of environment. The various types of ailments caused due to such contamination include allergies, skin infections, asthma, and a variety of other respiratory diseases. Fortunately, routine cleaning of air ducts can prevent all these health issues and keep your family’s health in the best state possible.

2. Eradicates odor


In complete honesty, staying within four walls that consist of an unpleasant smell is something none of us enjoys or finds comfortable residing in. In fact, a bad smell automatically depletes human performance levels as well as makes it very hard to work in such an uneasy environment.

One major reason that causes such a bad odor is a clogged air duct system full of small dirt particles. Unfortunately, using air fresheners or even scented candles cannot eradicate this smell. This smell must be tackled from the root cause of it.

Thus, it is very important to get the air ducts serviced to avoid this pungent smell destroying the quality of air within your homes. Such air duct maintenance services are provided by Mr. B’s Air Duct Cleaning at the best rates as well as get the work done with the best quality.

3. Extends HVAC lifecycle


Since spending the majority of the time indoors has become the new normal. Investing in heating and cooling systems is a priority that must not be overlooked. By investing, we do not mean buying a new one every time your current system fails to work but investing in its upkeep is what will keep it running longer.

According to research, nine out of ten systems fail to function long-term and collapse really soon. The reason behind this is not the bad quality of the systems but the lack of upkeep by the owner of these systems.

Therefore, regular cleaning of air ducts ensures that the life cycle of the heating and cooling systems lasts longer. The high chance of the breakdown of these systems can also be prevented and the nuisance of calling in an HVAC contractor can be avoided.

4. Boosts Air Duct systems performance


Maintenance or servicing has a direct impact on the performance of the air duct systems. Controlling the movement of dust particles and other pollutants that the air holds is impossible. Thus, the only solution to get rid of such dirt is to get rid of it when it accumulates.

The HVAC system is filled with allergens, dust, and other pet debris when left unserviced for a long span of time. This, in turn, reduces the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Following the cleaning of these air ducts, the functionality of these ducts goes back to how it was when it was installed. Once these particles are removed from the air, the fresh air is spread out across the area of the home, providing the residents of the house with fresh and clean air to breathe.

5. Uncovers existing underlying problems


Many problems in systems are left unnoticed due to them starting off as a minute issue that cannot be detected unless looked into carefully. The same applies to air duct systems.

Initially, from the exterior, everything may seem all well and the performance may seem to be at its best. Normal individuals would not be able to locate or identify the issues in the system. Only a professional can help in identifying such problems.

Thus when a professional is hired to service the air ducts, they look into all the components of the duct while working on its upkeep. This ensures that any issue that may have gone unnoticed by the users of this air duct is tackled at its initial stages and not when it reaches a bad state.

Such scenarios involve the option of replacing the entire system. Even if the whole system is not replaced, the repairs involved in such extreme stages are quite expensive.

Summing It Up

Maintaining your air ducts is essential. The majority of us cannot do the servicing of these ducts on our own. Thus, professional help must be hired to undertake this maintenance process.

Cleaning of air ducts must not be avoided at any cost for the sake of our health, HVAC performance, preventing bad odor, and detecting any underlying issues that cannot be detected otherwise until the worst-case scenario arises.

We hope the above reasons were good enough eye-openers to the truth behind the benefits regular air duct cleaning provides and hope you put them to action soon.

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