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Evidence You Need To Prove Your Personal Injury Case

Evidence You Need To Prove Your Personal Injury Case

A person injury case was when an accident occurred due to the carelessness of someone else who you want to hold legally accountable. Opportunity personal injury claim works to prove that all the injuries sustained in an accident are direct perpetration by some other individual.

However, this claim does not happen in a vacuum and evidence needs to be presented in front of the court of law. In this article we will be discussing just how much evidence will be required to prove that the personal injury claim is valid. The individual injured will have to start collecting evidence right away if they want to sue later on.

A Police Report


A police report is the first step which also will be treated as evidence later on. At the scene of the accident, a police officer is usually the first to arrive and they will contact the injured to file a police complaint. After the report is filed, it becomes crucial evidence for finding out what happened when the accident occurred.

Typically, the report is supposed to give an objective account of what happened. In case of a personal injury case it will become a piece of evidence which will signify that the injured person was not at fault. A copy of the report should be obtained as soon as possible by contacting the related authorities. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn, make sure to contact

Medical Records During Treatment


A person must have sustained serious injuries to be driven towards a personal injury claim. There are a lot of costs that insurance might not cover. This is why seeking compensation becomes important. All the medical records will be well documented by the hospital so obtaining copies will not be difficult.

Medical records show the extent of injuries and just how much the individual had to pay for treatment. This is meant to show the physical and psychological disruption caused by the accident. The reports should include documentation of surgeries, diagnosis, treatment, blood test, MRI and x-ray results.

Records from the psychologist can also be included without disclosing personal information to outline the emotional impact from the incident. Photographs taken of the injuries before going to the doctor also serve as evidence. Prescriptions show how much had to be spent on medication during treatment while appointment dates show the disruption in daily life, due to the incident.

The receipts outlining all the payments are also important for anyone seeking monetary compensation. Proper medical records are maintained, so make sure to show the before and after results. It will help in showcasing that the individual was healthy before the incident injured them.



Photographs are a must to collect crucial evidence as specially when it comes to showing the extent of damage when the incident occurred. Nowadays, it is natural to see people recording whenever a mishap occurs. While it is a serious social commentary on the empathy of people it works to the advantage of the individual in a personal injury case.

Photos should not only be taken of the scene of the accident but also of all the belongings that were damaged. Damage to the health has already been established with medical records and photographs will show personal property damage.

Clicking photos on the scene especially with time stamps help in bringing everything within perspective. One should also take pictures at the scene of the accident followed by the next few days when the injuries develop and are treated. Even if you have copies of medical records, pictures can give a better story and showcase the damage done.

Statements from Eyewitnesses


This is a tricky part but can be extremely helpful to the case. If the accident occurred in a crowded area there might have been many witnesses who saw it happen. An eyewitness testimony will lend credibility to the individual filing the claim and help them get adequate compensation for all the loss they suffered. Some may not agree to testify in front of a judge because of personal apprehension.

Whatever the case may be, make sure to take contact information from a few people around. This contact information will help later on in case the claim needs to be supported with further evidence. Questioning the eye witness and having it match the claim of the individual will show that the blame lies on the defendant.

Proof of Lost Income


We have already established that the health of the planters was negatively impacted with the help of the copies of medical records and photographs. The proof of lost income also helps in showing the heart shaped one had to face after the accident.

Not everyone gets paid leave and there might have been a significant financial said back post the accident when the individual was in recovery. Documentation of lost income will have to be requested from the employer. The letter includes the job title and the regular income and the average hours of work per week before the accident.

It will also include the number of benefits one used prior to the accident and the days missed post injury. In case of a serious injury there might have been a significant amount of lost wages which is mentioned in the letter. This documentation on top of the receipts for medical bills shows the financial setback.

The Takeaway

All of the copies and documents will serve as concrete prove that the personal and emotional health of the individual was negatively impacted after the accident. The photograph of the injuries and personal belongings will show that the issue was directly caused by the direct action of the defendant. A witness testimony can help the claim indefinitely because a fair and objective point of you will be shared with the court. Doing everything within a set timeframe is also important to take swift action. Contacting an experienced lawyer should be the natural first step.

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