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Powerful Faith-Based Movie “20 Minutes” Hits Theaters October 7

Powerful Faith-Based Movie “20 Minutes” Hits Theaters October 7

What would you do if you had 20 minutes to live? Would you try and seek shelter, would you try to reconnect with your loved ones, or would you just continue with your day as if nothing was happening? Would you be okay with everything ending in such a short time, would you try and put blame on those you believe in, or would you do something else? All of these things are covered in the powerful faith-based movie “20 Minutes” that hits theaters on October 7th. Keep on reading to find out more about it.



This film is based on a true story that a lot of us have heard about that but not many have delved into the actual story and what happened. The movie talks about a missile that is launched and rushes to Hawaii, and how people perceive this information that they may have just 20 minutes left to live.

In this movie, you will be able to witness the lives of 12 people, complete strangers who’ve led completely different lives, with different goals and ideas. All of them understand that the missile is probably going to end their lives as they try to accept their fate, seek shelter, or try to run away.

As you watch the movie you will find yourself relating to at least one of those characters. You will agree with them, you will root for them, and you will see if they’re doing the same things as you would if you found yourself in a situation like that.

“20 Minutes” is a movie that is definitely going to keep you at the edge of your seat and it will have you rooting for the characters, hoping that something will happen that is going to save them from their worst nightmare.

This movie also talks about faith and it touches on a lot of subjects that we have rooted in our brains but don’t think about that often. If something bad was about to happen, and you knew there was nothing you can do to prevent it from taking your life, and the love lives of everyone you love; would you pray and ask God for forgiveness, or would you blame him for everything wrong in the world?



Now that you know more about “20 minutes”, let’s see who are the people behind it and who are the stars that make it all happen.

This masterpiece was written and directed by Timothy A. Chey, and in the leading roles, we can see Dia Frampton as Karen Chang, Michael Camp as Mark Carroll, and Dean Testerman as Henry Yaeger.

When it comes to the genre this movie is labeled as a thriller, however, it is so much more than that. You definitely need to give it a chance to see how many layers it has and how deep into the different genres it falls into. The movie is going to hit the theaters on October 7th, so you definitely want to start planning to get yourself the tickets before they are sold out. Even though you will be able to see this movie later on, on the small screen, it is far better to enjoy it on the big one.

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