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6 Tips for Going Clubbing Alone as an Introvert

6 Tips for Going Clubbing Alone as an Introvert

Being an introvert is sometimes pretty good because these people avoid some specific situations by not being there or being actively included in some event. On the other hand, it can also be difficult and challenging, because we can’t spend our lives alone, and the chances won’t wait for us. Life is good with friends and a crowd of people around us, but sometimes it can be even better when we are alone.

Introverts may have problems finding an appropriate place to go out, or choosing a vacation spot, but at the same time, they may have an even better time at the parties, because they don’t depend on anyone’s mood. Sometimes, the friends and families of these people are worried, and they have a lot of advice that is somehow acceptable, but that can make the introvert feel bad. One of the most common jokes, that may turn good for them, is to find a “friend” on Scarletamour or similar services, which is a paid service, but no one has obligations to socialize after the party.

It’s completely wrong to conclude that introverts have trouble being alone, going to parties, or socialize with their friends. That’s just not their style, and trust us, they feel pretty confident with what they do. Sometimes it can be challenging, but here are a few recommendations and tips on how to go out clubbing alone. If you are an introvert, you need to know these things:

1. Be aware of your energy levels


It’s understandable that you don’t have the energy to dance all night and talk loudly to other people. But, you can still have a good time if you monitor your energy levels and recognize when it’s the right time to leave. If you don’t feel comfortable or the place is too crowded, you can always tell something popped and leave the party. Clubbing is a pretty challenging activity because it’s loud and there are too many people around you. So, if you feel like it drains your energy completely, and you feel an urge to leave the party room and stay in the bathroom, maybe it’s better to leave and go home.

2. Choose the club carefully

Probably you know all the clubs around you, and you know which ones are more popular than the others. So, now you have the benefit to make a choice by yourself. Forget about the popular and crowded clubs, and pay more attention to those who work with fewer people. Don’t mind if you have to go alone, because just imagine how your extrovert friends can be loud and make you get into more clubs until they choose the loudest one to stay.

3. Be confident while you are doing that


Don’t show others that you don’t feel comfortable and you are afraid. Try to adopt confident body language, and see if it changes something. We are aware that you are tired to hear this one, but your posture and confidence may improve the mood, and you can spend more time at the parties, make new friends, or even find a partner. In the end, you can always approach someone who stays on the sides and vibes the same energy as you. Maybe tonight you will leave the club with a new friend by your side.

4. Always have a plan of what to do

You can’t plan all the things in advance, but create a few scenarios on what to do if things are getting worse. So, if you see you are losing your breath because of the people around you, just find the way out. Make sure it’s easily approachable from the place you stay. Try to drink some water, and get back to the party. If you are sure you can’t do this anymore, just pay for your drinks and leave, you will be more comfortable once you go home. You need to know what to do in situations like that, so if you decide to go to that party, you must plan how you should react if something happens.

5. Be with someone you trust


Your friends may be aware of your condition, but some of them don’t really understand the struggle. So, find that one who knows how you feel. They will help you get out of the room if needed, and call a taxi for you. Make sure you have this person by your side all the time, but also leave them to have fun, especially if they are extroverts and comfortable with loud music and crowds.

6. The simplest solution – don’t’ go if you don’t feel like that

Your friends think that you are missing important events when you decide to stay at home. Your family always makes you go to parties you don’t like because they are worried about you. But, keep in mind that no one knows you better than you do, and you have a complete right to decide to stay at home tonight and miss that party.

If you are aware that you won’t be comfortable there, especially knowing the guest list, you can say that you don’t really feel like going, and apologize to those who invited you. It’s not easy to be an introvert, but surely you have some methods and mechanisms to make your life comfortable without those loud parties and being with people you don’t like.


Maybe you already know all these things, and probably people who aren’t introverts won’t understand you completely. But, it’s always good to know that you don’t do anything that isn’t normal – you are the way you are, and if you don’t like parties, you can leave them early. If you feel too confident, just dance, and when you get tired, leave the dancefloor and go home. Some of these things are pretty simple to do, and you don’t need to feel the social pressure to stay the whole night if you don’t want to do that. We only hope that your friends understand you, and they won’t blame you for anything.

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