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How Do You Permanently Write on a Mirror?

How Do You Permanently Write on a Mirror?

A mirror isn’t something we usually write on as we do with a sheet of paper. But if armed with the right tools and expertise, we can make even this piece of an item look more aesthetically pleasing. Believe it or not, glass surfaces look beautiful when they are smudge-free and virtually transparent.

But they don’t always have to be like that! You can make more use of a piece of glass than just let it hang on a side and reflecting you. Here are some items that you can use to permanently write on a mirror and decorate your room:

Choosing a writing utensil


Now you can easily write messages on your bathroom mirror and even draw on it to add a personal touch. All you have to decide on is if you want your creativity to be permanent or just temporary.

Dry erase markers

Dry erase markers are the best for letting your creativity out, into the mirror. They are available in different colors to leave an eye-catching impact on anyone who sees the art made using them. As colored markers breathe life into anything, you can even create a 3d design. Because the ink of dry markers dries up really quickly, they won’t smear on the surface even when you touch it with water.

Wet erase markers


As opposed to dry erase markers, wet erase markers are semi-permanent in nature. But you cannot wipe its ink away simply with a cloth or a whiteboard eraser. To erase the marking of a wet-erase marker, you will need a damp cloth or glass cleaner.

Permanent markers

As their name implies, the ink of permanent markers is resistant to fading and erasing. If you want your message or artwork to stay on the glass for a long period, a permanent marker is the best choice.

Acrylic paint pens


The result of acrylic paint pens may not be as permanent as that of a permanent marker, but they are pretty close. You can easily find them at any craft store or stationery shop. But make sure to pick the one that is glassware-safe. A silver mirror marker is an excellent item to add a touch of creativity and inspiration to your boring mirror.

It features a reflective ink and silver shine for writing inspiring messages which you can change every week. If you have a child, you can leave cute holiday messages in their bedroom mirror. If you’re a cafe owner, you may use a big piece of mirror to write the menu and day’s specials. This will not only let your inner artist out but will also add an aesthetic touch to your place.

And if you’re hosting a special event, nothing could be more pleasing than writing interesting details on a mirror so that the visitors can read it every time they pass by to check themselves out. Almost anyone can make use of writing on glass or mirrored surfaces. From businesses to homes, mirrors are a great tool for adding a personal touch to everything.

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