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How to Properly Use Gold Powder and Monatomic Minerals?

How to Properly Use Gold Powder and Monatomic Minerals?

Vitamins and minerals are a pillar of our health and it is very important to take them in sufficient quantities. In the cold and flu season, there is a need for additional intake of vitamins and minerals through supplements, in order to compensate for their depots, strengthen immunity and prevent disease.

Supplements are also needed in special conditions such as stress, recovery from illness, disease states, states of increased exertion, pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. However, we must pay attention to their proper use.

Understanding the Impact of Gold Powder and Monatomic Minerals

Dietary minerals not only have a beneficial effect on your eyesight, but also strengthen your muscles and bones, protect your skin and other organs, and help your body fight infections. That is why mineral deficiency causes various diseases and problems.

Before we move on to the detailed instructions for use, you need to know more about Ormus and monatomic minerals. Understanding these minerals will play a significant role in product selection. That way you will know what their functions are.

Recommended dose


Since the body treats these substances as minerals that move through the system, there is no risk of overdose. For example, if you take more than usual, the body will simply excrete this excess mineral in the urine. However, make sure you consume enough water every day and use minerals in moderation.

This will keep you new with energy, awareness and other health benefits. Although miners are relatively safe, caution should be exercised as with any other substance. Each person can react differently to different things, so we recommend that you always start with small amounts. After a while, gradually increase the dose as you learn how the body reacts to the substance.

Impact on the nervous system

One of the biggest benefits of these minerals is their positive effect on the nervous system. They actually contribute to better communication between cells in the nervous system. In this way, you will establish a better function of the nervous system as a whole.

Influence on brain function


Another important fact to remember is that these minerals are used to improve brain function. Given their endless possibilities, they are an excellent adjunct to therapy when it comes to degenerative brain diseases.

Impact on sleep


Every person needs quality sleep in order to function on a daily basis. In addition to healthy living habits, we often need supplements. The reason is a fast everyday life that includes a lot of work obligations and very little rest. In such conditions, circadian rhythms can be disrupted.

Fortunately, research shows that by using gold powder and monatomic minerals properly, you can reset circadian rhythms. Better sleep leads to better health in general. It also strengthens the immune system, which is vital for good health. Gold powder and monatomic minerals help the body to successfully fight infections and diseases.

Influence on mood


Finally, we must not forget the importance of mental health. Gold powder and monatomic minerals stimulate the production of serotonin, which plays an important role in mood. Many people also use them to increase creative energy, improve mental clarity as well as mental abilities. These substances are known to reduce stress and anxiety.


Gold Powder and Monatomic Minerals are in the official therapeutic protocols and have become part of the treatment, in order to improve the so-called “non-specific immunity”, i.e. general defenses of the organism. Do not forget that these supplements are useful only if you use them properly.

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