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5 Things To Know Before Playing The Yi Ki Lottery

5 Things To Know Before Playing The Yi Ki Lottery

Yi Ki is a lottery that is very popular among Asian gamblers and was founded in Thailand. Every month, millions of Thai players take part in the lottery. The draw is at the beginning of the month and during the middle of the month.

This is one of the two most famous forms of legal gambling. If you are also interested in participating in the draw, find out some basic information about the Yi Ki lottery before you start playing.

1. How to choose numbers?


Thai’s use a very strange method. This is a saying they often use, especially when it comes to choosing numbers. They say that tragedy always leads to good fortune. For example, they will notice the license plate numbers of a vehicle that has recently had a car accident or some other type of accident. This may also apply to any other object or object that is part of the incident. They also believe in cosmic guidance from the sanctuary.

Here is the spirit of a woman who passed away during childbirth, and when you visit her sanctuary, you will notice a lot of people there. The reason for their arrival is mainly to seek blessings, because it is necessary for making important decisions. However, the most interesting thing about this sanctuary is the clay pot, which is numbered with ping pong balls. Its main function is to lead the players to success in the lottery.

2. Lucky numbers


Thais use many other methods in searching for lucky numbers. In addition to shrines, they love to use the internet as a source of information. With the advent of technology, the way to enjoy the lottery has changed. It is not only an opportunity to play their favorite games of chance, but also to gain knowledge about games and other possibilities of the online platform. That is why they often research to gather as much information as possible about this lottery before buying เว็บแท่งหวยออนไลน์.

3. Dream interpretation


Another interesting fact is that Thais firmly believe in their dreams, especially if they include some numbers. They think that these numbers are valuable, because they can bring them happiness. Because of such attitudes, many players believe and interpret their dreams in order to find lucky numbers. Even when the numbers are not obvious, they try in every way to reach them. For example, if they dreamed of a cat, they analyze its spots on the body. Snake scenes would mark the number 5, etc.

4. Reward

The Yi Ki lottery involves an 8-tiered prize format. You can also win the jackpot prize if you pair all the numbers in a row. In addition to the main prize, there is a consolation prize that can be won by more players.

5. Buying a lottery


You can usually find the lottery at a street vendor riding a bicycle. Unfortunately, they are struggling to maintain their business and many are failing. They also earn very little from sales, and many sellers face fines. Either way, you’ll probably bargain when shopping, which means prices aren’t fixed.

You will also find the Yi Ki lottery in supermarkets at regular prices. We must note that there is a difference between lotteries as a consequence of Thai superstition. There are premium prices for tickets that contain lucky numbers and low prices for cards that contain unlucky numbers.


Before you embark on this intriguing game, research interesting facts about Yi Ki lottery. That way, you may increase your chances of winning.

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