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Dataminers Find Secret GTA Online Alien Mission

Dataminers Find Secret GTA Online Alien Mission

Inside a Fort Zancudo hangar, with a UFO, there is a  GTA Online Business Battle that takes place, according to a team of Grand Theft Auto V data miners.

GTA Online Summer Special Update Leaks

GTA Online received a massive Summer Special update earlier this month. The update added a lot of new content such as co-op missions, new vehicles, little updates, and other minor changes. But one unique new addition after the game update happens to be a giant UFO  secret mission and outer space parts that need stealing. A group of hackers by using tools have managed to show off gameplay footage of it and force the mission to start.

Surrounding extra-terrestrials with unusual easter eggs and UFOs, The Grand Theft Auto franchise has a long history. That was all people looked for in GTA V and even more so in San Andreas.

Since after UFOs have been seen flying around Mount Chiliad several times of the day, For years, fans have been trying to figure out some major easter eggs that revolve around aliens.

Now, at last, thanks to a business battle that has been included in the files for the recent summer update as decided by Rockstar Games, new UFO in GTA Online is coming, as per the sayings of the data miners.

The Game File Gurus who are the data miners shared that what they saw is a different UFO model that’s been in-game before, On the ChiliadMystery subreddit.

The group was able to play it out, Even though it hasn’t yet appeared as an active mission in GTA Online yet. The group needing to recover Spaceship Parts, go into Zancudo, from a team that was guarding them.

If you’re one of the guys who don’t want to mess GTA Online and just want to play through the secret mission like any other normal mission, unfortunately, there is no known way as of now, to trigger it. The Game File Gurus aren’t even sure if the mission will ever be active in-game or just simply be buried under deep code.

Watch it here:

Who knows, that perhaps Rockstar will someday officially activate the mission for players to play. As you might already know, it was after completing 600 gunrunning supply missions that the players were able to access the previous alien secret mission. This business battle UFO mission may have the same demanding requirements as well.

Unfortunately, nobody knows when the mission will belive in-game yet. It seems, that the only way to play it is by messing with the files and codes till the game finally lets us play it.

So far at this stage, even it’s not known if at any point, the business battle will actually go live. if it is, uncovering the truth behind one of GTA V’s biggest secrets might get one step closer.

Other data miners as well as Team Guru are on a continuous search to dig around GTA Online code to discover any further information and some answers to how and when this mission will be officially activated in-game. 

it may just be a matter of when this mission gets an official release, as GTA Online gets regular new updates by Rockstar.

Recently, It was announced and revealed by the Rockstar Studio that GTA V will be getting a remaster for the Next-Gen consoles. i.e. the X box series X and the Playstation 5. It was a kind of a downer for the fans as they were expecting an announcement for GTA VI.

Data miners are still digging “GTA 5’s” code for other valuable information about the game.


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