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What to Consider Before Hitting Online Slots?

What to Consider Before Hitting Online Slots?

Slot machines are designed to make it easier to spin and win. Players like the variety of slots that online casinos provide. Even more so than live casino games, online slots are the most played casino games overall. However, this trend appears to be shifting.

The free spins, bonus rounds, progressive jackpots and various slot game features generate a lot of excitement. To earn money, you must nonetheless put out some work. In slot machine games, luck is the most important aspect. If your luck is on your side, you may instantly win a sizable sum of money.

Online casino websites, like Casumo, offer various kinds of slot games, along with classic games, theme-based games, progressive slots and many more. That’s why we’ve taken the time to break down factors you should consider before choosing which slot games you play.

Classic or Progressive Slots?

A slot game’s regular or progressive status might affect your playing time and winning chances when deciding which one to select. Regarding jackpots, regular slots have fixed sums you may win, whereas progressive slots have an unlimited potential worth (even record-breaking amounts). Regular slots feature reduced volatility, which results in more frequent wins but typically lesser payouts.


Progressive slots are examples of high-volatility games that offer huge prizes with few wins. Regular slots can be the best option if you want to play for pleasure and potentially win some money. However, progressive slots are a better option if you’re searching for fun with a chance to win big.

Learn the Terminology

Some terms and expressions related to slots may not be immediately recognisable to you. While some of them are reasonably self-explanatory, others need further clarification. These words are important to understand if you want to play slot machines since you’ll probably run into them.

A winning combination of symbols on a payline, a line that spans the reels, must occur in order to get a reward. A single payline runs through the centre of all the reels in some games, whereas other games contain several lines that branch out in various directions. A payline that’s in use and will provide a payout if it includes a winning combination is said to be active.

Players may often select how many active paylines they want to have during a spin on slots with multiple paylines. Any combination of symbols that yields a reward is considered a winning combination. The quantity of coins determines how much is wagered for each spin. The value of each coin is based on its size.


According to the current currency denomination, “Bet Max” indicates to wager the most possible number of lines and the most possible sum per line. The “Per Line Bet” represents the sum wagered per line. To calculate the total stake per spin, multiply it by the number of paylines that are now active in the game.

Some slot machine games contain extra features that can be activated either randomly or in response to a certain pattern of symbols. Players can join a bonus round, receive free spins or win a bonus payment using these features. The payment from winning combos, bonus features and free spins can all be multiplied by symbols known as multipliers.

The rewards for each potential winning combination on a slot machine are listed on the paytable. Scatters are symbols that can award a win even if they don’t appear in a certain arrangement on an active payline. Additionally, Scatters are usually utilised to launch bonus rounds and free spins.

A wild sign can be used to replace additional symbols to form winning combinations. On a single reel, stacked Wilds are wild symbols that are stacked on top of one another.

Check the Paytables


Several symbols, numerous chances to win, bonus games and unique features are all common on slot machines. Even though it only takes a few minutes, reading the paytable of each slot machine you play may be quite helpful once the action begins. The purpose of paytables is to provide you with detailed information on all the symbols, paylines and bonuses that are dotted throughout the game.

You can know what to watch for when playing if you understand what they are and how they’re triggered. Online slot paytables are frequently interactive and detailed, so you can immediately take note of the important details before continuing to play. Online games will also give additional information or underline any criteria for a minimum stake to access bonus features.

Bonuses Are Beneficial

Bonuses and features on slot games may improve your chances of winning. The most common incentive for slot games is free spins, but other options include wager multipliers, significant jackpots and even bonus rounds. By prolonging gameplay or increasing your bankroll, bonus features may dramatically enhance your chances of earning a sizable jackpot while using any slot strategy.

In-game bonuses and casino bonuses both have equal value. Online casinos reward their devoted patrons with reload bonuses and other special promotions like free spins or sizeable welcome bonuses for new players.

Check Reviews


We advise reading a few online slot review articles if you want advice and suggestions for a certain game. These will explain how bonus games are activated, whether they have any special features and whether it’s worthwhile to play for real money.

Read casino review articles in addition to learning about slots. To determine if a site is an ideal place for you to play slots, online casino evaluations should look at the games offered, the financing options and the site’s overall ranking for fairness.

Understand Volatility

Variance, volatility or payment frequency are terms used to describe how frequently and how much a slot game pays out. Although successes occur regularly on low volatility slots, rewards are typically modest. High volatility games offer huge prizes. However, there are fewer wins. Find a game that fits your bankroll and gaming requirements using variance. Variance isn’t listed in paytables, but you may discover it in reviews of slot machines.

Practise for Free


One of the benefits of online gaming is you may test out each slot game for free to discover which ones you prefer if all else fails. Virtually identical to their real money counterparts, free slot games don’t put your bankroll in danger. Playing the free (demo) version of the game is an excellent method to get acquainted with the gameplay, check out the in-game bonuses and features and finally decide if you like it, especially if you’re new to playing slots or a specific title.

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