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Are Bet Credits Real Money?

Are Bet Credits Real Money?

One of the most popular tactics most online gambling platforms are using these days is to provide players with free funds when they make the first payment. This is very efficient. Also, it is a great way for beginners to learn more about different games. Before you choose a website with some attractive promo deals, make sure it is safe and legit.

If you are interested in sports betting, one of the best options is to choose Bet365. When it comes to free funds, the rules are not the same on every website. We are going to analyze more about this feature in the following article.

What Are Bet Credits?


We already mentioned that they represent a promo feature. It works in a way where you will get a certain amount of free credit when you make the first payment on some website. For example, the most common option is to get double the amount of your payment. Therefore, if you spend $50, you will get an additional $50 in virtual funds.

The great thing is that you can use these funds to play all kinds of games. Also, it is not a rare case that some websites are giving much more than double, like three or even five times the amount. They are also combining it with some other features.

The best way to use them in your favor is to be more flexible. If you are a beginner, you can determine the starting value, and then start making payments on different websites. You can use the same amount of money.


For example, you can spend $100 on one website, get the free credits, and then request the payment to get your money back. After that, you will repeat that on all other websites that are available in your area, and that are offering these interesting promotions. However, keep in mind that you can use this feature only once.

There are some other models where you can get free credits as well, like tournaments, cash backs, and more. That is the reason to stay up to date with websites where you are playing various games.

Be Sure to Check the Rules


When it comes to the details related to these free funds, there are two most common categories. The first one is the most common one, and that is the type of free funds that you cannot simply payout as real money. On the other side, there are some websites where you can get a certain amount of free credits that you can withdraw instantly.

When it comes to the most common option, it is also very important to check the additional requirements. That is especially important if you want to play pokies since you might have to turn around the same value more than 30 times to turn it into real money. That is called the wagering requirement, which makes it more difficult to cash out free credits.

When it comes to betting credits that you get when you want to bet on sports events, the process is quite simple. If you win, they will reduce the winning amount by the value of the bet credits you used. For instance, spending $100 of free funds and winning $200 will lead to $100 on your bankroll.

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