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How Professional Gamblers Use Casino Bonuses

How Professional Gamblers Use Casino Bonuses

There are more than a few things, tools, tricks or whatever you want to call these, that you need to use in your journey to a pro gambler calling.

Professional gamblers have talent and they know how to play both the game/machines as well as people/opponents. Talent is nothing without practice and other things and we all know that. Any pro athlete will tell you that talent is zero without constant improvement, constant practice and search for greatness are what will push you forward.

There are strategies, there are rules, and there are tactics that gamblers use to give them an edge over other gamblers or The House. Some of these have been talked about, some are explained to some extent and some we have yet to discover. Today we will discuss the infamous casino bonuses. This is a strategy that is rarely spoken about and a strategy that can increase your win rate and increase your bank if you know to utilize it well.


There are plenty of online casinos welcome bonus that you can find online if you search a bit, and if you are a new gambler making a fresh account you are in for a treat with these. The casinos usually hand these out to new gamblers to attract them to open an account with them and they give them out to their recurring customers and users to show them appreciation. Today we will talk about those bonuses and we will tell you how pros use these bonuses and what they are paying attention to.

Ok, so we have established that there are plenty of these bonus offers going around and that they are a marketing feat by a casino to say “come on in” or “thank you for being here” depending on which gambler you are. The bonuses come in different forms, depending on the casino, and the games they are giving the bonus on. You can have anything from free spins, free cash, deposit bonus, reward multipliers and others. What you will see the most in any type of casino are a deposit bonus and free spins. These are the easiest to hand out and the easiest to understand and use.

What do they do for you?


Depending on the bonus you were looking for or the bonus you were given, you will use it to give yourself a good boost and a good start in your gambling session or sessions. You will receive free spins, for example, that you can use to test a game and see how it works before putting money into the machine. Whatever type of bonus you end up with, make sure you take full advantage of it to give yourself the greatest advantage over the casino.

With some of these, you can see how the casino works, try out different games to see if you have any luck, and get a feel for the place before deciding to put your money down for real. This is what professionals do when they open an account in a new casino or try out a new game they haven’t played before. They test the waters, see what all the fuss is about, and rarely use their own money to do so. A wise decision that will not break the bank.

What are they looking for?


When it comes to pros and their bonus hunting, they usually focus on no deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, and loyalty rewards. Most professional gamblers have multiple accounts at different online casinos. They are constantly on the lookout for new games and new locations, and they are constantly rewarded for their time spent in a particular casino and after spending a certain amount of money.

When it comes to no deposit bonuses, these are fantastic for checking out new sites and casinos. You can look through their games, especially if they have something new, and you can look through games you wouldn’t normally play or games you avoided for whatever reason.

A welcome bonus is what you get after you finance your new account with a certain amount of cash. Some casinos made package deals and gave away a few of these bonuses for a few of your deposits so make sure you also pay attention to that. This bonus means you have to fund your account first, with a sum they put, to get a bonus from the casino that you can spend along your deposit freely.

Loyalty bonuses are what attract most professionals and they use these to make a comparison between different casinos. This type of bonus will open you many goodies casinos offer as you play more, bet more, and fund your account more. You will move through a tiers system with some, with others you collect points and eventually you move toward double points for certain games, VIP treatments ins some way or form, bigger limits when withdrawing and depositing and so many other things.

What to look for?


Okay, a flashing bonus sign or free cash sign is appealing, awesome, and will draw us in like light does moths, but you must also consider other factors. First and foremost, nothing in life is free or without obligations. This is most likely the most important point here. All of these freebies and bonuses come with a catch. To obtain these and spend them as intended, you must meet certain requirements. You may be required to deposit a certain amount on your account in order to receive bonus cash or spins, and you may not be able to withdraw more than a certain amount set by a casino.. For some bonuses to be activated you would need to spend your cash first, to a certain sum, and only then you can utilize the bonus side of things.

To ensure that there are no strange deals in the process, all pros always advise reading up on a specific bonus you are aiming for. Another thing you will hear is that if a bonus appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is. This is related to casinos sprouting up like mushrooms after a rainstorm. With new technologies and new ways to scam people, there are a plethora of new casinos, the majority of which are crypto-only, that are there to take you for what you have. So always be aware of where you are playing and what type of bonus you are pursuing.

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