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How Many Lines Should You Play On Online Pokies – 2024 Guide

How Many Lines Should You Play On Online Pokies – 2024 Guide

The pokies reward system, i.e. slot machines, works on the principle of winning lines, which can be straight, but also have different shapes, depending on the machine you play on.

If you are a beginner, the concept of pokies can be a bit confusing, but once you try to play it yourself, you will easily understand how paylines work. You will also try to find a logical correlation between the frequency of gains. Many times you will hear that it takes 10-15 turns to get to the winning line. However, there is no guarantee that this will happen, because mathematics and statistics work in very strange and unpredictable ways.

Play with calculated risk


Slots are a game of luck and strategy and quite a bit of knowledge. In fact, if you risk more money for fewer spins, you have a better chance of winning. The risk to take into account is that in such cases, you run out of spins faster and you may not get anything.

If, on the other hand, you invest less to have more spins, then you have a better chance of winning. But in such cases, the gains are significantly lower.

What you need to decide is which way suits you best, so you know how to formulate your strategy. In fact, nowadays you have many options to try different methods, thanks to online casinos such as

Is there a perfect mathematical formula for proper betting?


According to some calculations, it is best to invest one cent for each potential line for one turn. But keep in mind that this is only an approximate calculation and that in practice it can, but does not necessarily mean that it will bring you profit.

Factors to consider are price per line, possible winnings, winning combinations, and the number of symbols you need for maximum winnings. But what we do know is that no gambler has the time or patience to solve math problems. Therefore, everyone individually finds their balance and strategy and adapts them afterward, as the situation requires.

Are fixed slots better than flexible ones?


Many gamblers believe in this theory. According to them, every player should have unlimited possibilities to choose how to play. However, there are players who think that it is better to go to the variant to fix the number of winning lines and therefore plan the strategy.

Of course, in different conditions, there are different levels of unpredictability. Even if you can find the perfect mathematical formula, that calculation may be completely irrelevant to reality.


You usually need 10-15 unlucky lines to reach a combination that will bring you profit. Are you ready for such a challenge? Gamblers with big budgets can easily achieve such results, but this is not always the case with those with very small budgets. In fact, if you can not afford big bets, it is up to you to treat pokies as a form of fun and entertainment –things will go much better like that.

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