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5 Tips on How to Soundproof a Room

5 Tips on How to Soundproof a Room

A home is a place where you relax, feel comfortable, and enjoy some blissful peace. However, more and more often our relax zones are conquered by the noises coming from outside. It may be a symptom of modern, busy life, but that doesn’t mean we have to deal with it.

Noise coming from outside and passing through the roof, ceiling, or floor can significantly affect the quality of life without you even being aware of it. The louder the noise and the longer it lasts, the greater the consequences for the body. Decreased concentration, insomnia, or irritability are just some of the negative factors that noise leaves behind.

So, what do you do to get rid of it? Here are 5 tips you probably never thought of could diminish the noise coming from outside, disturbing your oasis of peace.

1. Soundproof walls


First and foremost, you need to be aware that investing in soundproof walls will definitely pay off if you live in a noisy place. There are a couple of solutions for your walls, and they don’t cost as much as it sounds. Go to for details.

2. Add more shelves

Are you a bookworm? Or do you enjoy reading magazines? Whatever is your choice, books or magazines, both can help you isolate the sound in your home. How? The solution to this problem lies in the shelves that you can place along the entire wall that separates you from noisy neighbors.

The more books you have, the better the insulation will be, and the sounds of the environment will not disturb you so much in everyday activities or a well-deserved rest at the end of the working day.

3. Use that old tapestry, or add some curtains to the room


If books aren’t your thing, then maybe you have a piece of old tapestry somewhere? Maybe you just don’t have enough space to place a larger piece of furniture or bookshelves, so decide to place tapestries on the wall. Or curtains. Especially if the noise is caused by poor window insulation, adding curtains will do the trick, and be very decorative as well.

4. Carpets

For those living in the apartment, noise can come from above, below, or the side. You’re practically living with a bunch of people. If the source is below you, then carpets will help you minimize the noise coming from the neighbors.

5. Reposition furniture in the room


This probably never came to your mind as a potential solution, but we promise it is quite effective. For example, relocate your TV to the wall that connects you with the noisy neighbors. If it’s the bedroom that is connected to them, then reposition the bed, so it’s not leaning on the wall that connects you to them. If the situation is even more critical, then consider changing rooms, giving them a different purpose.

So, in the end, after reading all the above, our conclusion is that making your home soundproof as possible with minimal investment, only if you think creatively.

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