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Humankind: Everything We Know About The Upcoming 4X Video Game

Humankind: Everything We Know About The Upcoming 4X Video Game

If you’re thinking that Humankind is all about the aping existence of mechanics of the Sid Meier, and throwing in some graphical improvement, then you need to rethink your statement once again. When it comes to the new Humankind, it has a different vision to the established blueprint that you might have heard of.

Humankind: The Release Date

As much as we know that Humankind is going to be released in 2024. There is no set date as to when it’ll be releasing. We know this much because the predecessors were not following a consistent pattern. So, we only are hoping that it’ll be released in 2024, nothing more and nothing less.

The Announcement Trailer

We were able to get a few in-game shots of the game. And to be honest, the level of the environment and the details are too good to be true.

The trailer is sufficient enough to give all the people a better impression of how the game ought to work. Now, rather than picking only one culture and then sticking to it for thousands of years, your own culture can be easily influenced by your allies, invaders, and the neighbors over the time.

So, if you are looking for a visual demonstration of what the melting pot of 10 cultures and styles look like over time, then this game is the best for you!

The Devs Want Your Input Too

Did you know that Humankind studio has opened its application to its Open Dev Program? Well, this will now allow the fans to play little chunks of the game while providing their feedback as well.

How Far Will You Push Mankind?

Now is the right time civilization that is as unique as your personality and thinking is. That’s right, Humankind allows you to create your own civilization by joining 60 historical cultures. You can then evolve them into Romans or even the Vikings. What more? Each of the following cultures brings in special gameplay.

With this game, you’ll not get bored! Because you’ll be busy in battle with the near to endless outcomes.

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