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You Suck At Parking – The ‘New’ Game

You Suck At Parking – The ‘New’ Game

Do you have friends that suck at parking their cars but won’t admit? Well, worry no more. With an all-new, upcoming game ‘You Suck At Parking’, your friends will see for themselves how bad they are at parking their cars, literally.

Jeroen, who is part of the Belgian based indie game development studio named the ‘Happy Volcano’ took to the internet to announce the game. He told us a few details on a Reddit post and by emailing people with the title ‘You Suck At Parking’.

It is exciting and promising to note that the game is in making by the talented and creative team behind a previously award-winning indie game named ‘The Almost Gone’. The game made a name for itself very easily through its unique narrative-based puzzles about tragedies of life such as mental health, loss, and death, etc.

All about You Suck At Parking

The new game in development is ‘You Suck At Parking’ and it is about to be dropped on Steam sometimes in 2024. Hence the platform confirmed so far is PC. The game is in early phases of development since December, as announced by Jeroen.

If you see the trailer, you’d find this game is the most ‘Wild parking game’ around. Your Ultimate goal is to literally just park your vehicle, WITHOUT EXPLODING. Now that’s an ‘exploding’ twist!

You Suck at Parking is a funny styled not-so-serious, Serious, physics-based indie game in which you drive a cute little car or a truck. You navigate through the creatively designed, complex maze while avoiding all kinds of unexpected, challenging obstacles in the way such as fences, Haystacks, mines, and debris. Crazy Right? If you crash in any of these or something crazier, you respawn or get eliminated.

This is not all, In You Suck At Parking, using your tiny car, you can not only drive but also drift and slide to cut opponents and make sharp turns, jump higher and through different things and teleport yourself to new places to finally land, drive or drift onto a designated parking spot without exploding or crashing to win, And that too within a time limit to top the Highscore.

Level Editor For You Suck At Parking

The game is not done yet. If you’re someone who likes to operate more from the right side of the brain i.e. The artistic side, you’re going to enjoy the game even more. The developers are putting an in-game level editor mode. Once you’re done with the game, you can use your creative and artistic skills to design your own levels and stages. You can add twisting and turning tracks and roads, with all kinds of long and small jumps and obstacles to boost the challenge. You can even add vertical loop roads to add another twist.

This is all that we have so far about the You Suck At Parking. After the success of not-so-serious and cheerful game The Fall Guys, there is no doubt, that, if up to the mark, this game will find itself a good spot as a top contender.

However, there is no final date announced as of now, There could be more news about it in the near future.

If you’re way too much excited for the game already and cannot wait to get your hands on it, You can have an early experience with the game by taking part in alpha testing of the game on the official website of You suck at parking. See the trailer here.

Before closing, Jeroen also asked users for their feedback and also for unique and different “Horror parking stories” here in the comments, so that the developers my take some kind of inspiration, if a story is found to be interesting enough.

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