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4 Most Reliable Suzuki Family Cars to Buy in 2024

4 Most Reliable Suzuki Family Cars to Buy in 2024

Are you looking for something practical and economical and spacious enough to transport children? If this is the case, then you are probably searching the market of family cars, and the key thing in the list of your requirements will be something that may be difficult to achieve, but certainly very important for every car owner – reliability. After all, you are about to invest a little bit more money in your new vehicle, given the fact that you’re not that flexible as you were when it was just the two of you.

So, you want to search the brands that can guarantee reliability. After all, the last thing a driver wants is frequent breakdowns, when they happen, for example, during a holiday. Therefore, reliability is crucial for family cars. To help you choose the best models in this regard, we have made a list of all family vehicles, from a brand that has, according to many owners, already proven its reliability – Suzuki Motor.

One thing is important to keep in mind though, there is no guarantee that any car will be without problems because this also depends on how well you maintain it. However, information about the experiences of other drivers with such cars or knowledge of specific errors or problems is good tips on what to expect from a purchase.

1. Ertiga


The company presents a new version, which stylistically, to say the least, continues to differ from the compact, with which it shares identical chassis technology. This minivan now has a slightly larger silhouette than the Mercedes B-Class model. In contrast, the model he replaced was closer to the size of the German manufacturer’s A-Class.

This increase in length means more space in the passenger cabin for people and luggage, while in its three rows there is enough space for seven. Ideal for large families. The interior, it is decorated with delicate control panels and wooden accent elements. Above the redesigned chassis, it has set up a brand new body with a sharper appearance and far more dynamic style overall. The power of the new model comes from the 1.5-liter engine.

2. Liana 1.6


This is a great example of a car that seldomly catches the eyes of people, but that is still very much worth your attention, especially in the 5-door, 1,600 cc version. The car appeared back in 2001 but was slightly restyled in 2004 when, in addition to the existing 1.3 and 1.6 petrol engines, it also received a variant with a 1.4 HDi engine from the Peugeot-Citroen group.

Another change that the redesign brought was the replacement of the somewhat unusual digital control panel with a classic analog one. In the end, many will say that this car is ugly to the eye, but what they will not be able to dispute is the Japanese quality and reliability, which are rounded off in a complete package enough for an average family.

3. Baleno


In the category of smaller family cars, the biggest surprise will be the offer of space, especially for rear-seat passengers.  The volume of the trunk is also something many would not expect just by looking at this car. There are three equipment packages on offer, and the one tested under the name Elegance differs from other versions because it has LED headlights, including medium and high beams.

While other versions have LED daytime running lights built into the front grille, where the LED strip is an integral part of the headlights. As for the design and other features…You will easily recognize the elegance of the equipment package by the fact that it has chrome handles with a push-button for unlocking and locking without the use of a key.

It is enough to have the key in your pocket or purse and the car will allow you to access it. As before, if you click the button once, only the driver’s door will be unlocked, and if you press it twice in a row, all will be unlocked. The quality of the material is practically on the same level as in the Swift model.

Although hard plastic has been used everywhere, the quality of the finish is at a high level, so there is no crackling to the touch as with some more expensive cars, which is, unfortunately, quite common today. The door is richly upholstered, with a large compartment for storing bottles up to 1.5 liters. There are also all four buttons for the window lifters, with the automatic being only for the driver.

4. Kizashi


As the company is known for producing cars for city driving, this particular model is one of the rare ones in their category of large family cars. Besides obvious reliability, which is the reason it is on our list, here are a couple of words on why you will love it…

When the car door opens, that’s when you get the real impression. The car has that smart key entry and there is no need to unlock it, just keeping the key in your pocket, and pressing a few buttons the car door will unlock just as the engine will start; without a key or any contact, just by pressing the clutch and the START button located just below the steering wheel on the right side of the dashboard.

Even if you are not an excessive freak for accessories on the car the list of accessories on this car is such that it will rarely leave anyone indifferent. It has leather seats, the front of which are heated, electronically adjustable, and the driver has three memories to adjust it, then the controls on the steering wheel, followed by many, many more cool features.

When it comes to buying a new family car, regardless of the various recommendations and advice you receive from others the most important thing is to choose the car that is the best and highest quality according to your personal taste. Suzuki, surely, will answer most of your expectations.

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