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Spouse Visa UK: Common Questions and Answers on Employment

Spouse Visa UK: Common Questions and Answers on Employment

Anyone who is putting up in the United Kingdom is looking for an opportunity that can help them bring their spouse and family with them to the place. All the settled people and British citizens who want to get their spouses to move with them have to follow a justified process to avoid issues later on.

The family visa category has a sub-category that helps you file for the spouse visa United Kingdom. The other name for the same is a marriage visa in the UK. The category to which it belongs helps you enter and remain in the country and live with your partner for more than six months.

However, you know some details while applying for this kind of visa.

Here are some common questions and their answers that you might encounter while considering applying for such a visa.

Are There Any Specific Spouse Visa Qualifications?


So, the first clarity that you need is regarding the qualification. If you invest your time and effort only to get your application rejected by the end of the day is not the right approach. You should know about the qualification and take the next step accordingly.

The qualification should be fulfilled by the applicant who wishes to move to the UK with their fiance or spouse and by the one who wants their spouse who is already in the UK. The immigration authorities have laid down the rules, and you should go through them thoroughly. The basic condition is that both parties should be adults above 18.

Further, if you want to call your fiance or spouse, you can do it only if you are a British citizen. Also, no matter your marriage is registered under which law, it won’t be valid if British law does not recognize it. Also, you cannot immediately file for a visa if you have married recently. Your marriage should be two years old when you apply for the visa. It is a preventive measure taken by British law to prevent marriages that are not recognized under their rules.

If you haven’t married yet, you must show that you and your fiance will be married in 6 months. If you are party to the proposed civil partnership, you must prove that it will be converted into a proper partnership within six months. Also, the financial requirements are to be mandatorily met by the partner who is putting up in the UK.

Is Working Allowed On This Visa?

Yes, there is no issue if you wish to work and are visiting the UK on a spouse visa. You can work full-time, and there are no restrictions as to the work. Also, there is no limitation on the kind of employment. Hence, you can undertake anything you like or give interviews to be a part of any sector where you wish to contribute your services.

Also, there are no restrictions as to self-employment. You can use the income from a self-employed business and satisfy the minimum income requirements laid down by the law.

What Are The Claims, Benefits, And Other Work Requirements?


It would help if you waited to secure the Indefinite Leave to remain (ILR). You can access the public funds till then. However, certain benefits are not classified as public funds and are based on National Insurance (NI) contributions. You are eligible for them. Some examples of the same are as follows:

  1. Allowance for job seeker’s based on their contribution
  2. Incapacity-related benefits
  3. Retirement pension
  4. Maternity allowance
  5. The benefit for widows
  6. Allowance for guardians
  7. Statutory maternity pay

You have to prove the minimum income criteria for this kind of visa. The statement needs to be submitted, showing the total income you and your partner earn of 18,600 pounds or more. The additional proof of 3,800 pounds per year for the first child must be shown if you have children. The amount will reduce to 2,400 pounds for each child after the first child. If you have found employment in the UK, you can use the salary figures to serve the purpose of the minimum income requirement.

What Are The Right Ways Of Finding Work In The UK?

Your search begins right away when you apply, but you should seriously look for alternatives when you have been granted the visa. You can contact an employment agency or distribute resumes physically at different places. Walk-in interviews are a good option, and you can discuss your experience and expertise while discussing job prospects with agencies and companies.

Your resume should highlight your experience and skills that help prove your efficiency and contribution to any firm you will be a part of. Further, you should attach a tailored cover letter with the resume that helps outline your suitability based on the job advertisement you are applying for.

Apart from all these things, Linkedin is a professional place where you can build a professional profile and seek help from your connections based in the UK.

What Are The Relationship Legality Requirements?


The main criterion for eligibility is that the British government should duly recognize your civil or marital relationship. It is the first step towards the application, and you should take care of it. You must submit your relationship proofs, as any error or misleading event will lead to a quick refusal of the application.

You and your partner who is putting up in the country should intend to live together in the UK. Both relationships, that is, your marriage or the civil relationship, should have proper recognition, and there have to be no false claims related to the same. As a fiance, fiancee, or a proposed civil partner trying to make it to the UK, you should prove that if you were a part of any previous partnership or marriage, it has dissolved and ended lawfully.


These are the basic things you should know while planning to apply for a spouse visa to the UK and explore the employment opportunities available there for you. The information will clear major doubts, and you can freely proceed with looking for job prospects in the UK. They will help you make the most of your UK stay.

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