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Is Kratom Oil Really A Thing?

Is Kratom Oil Really A Thing?

Kratom oil is an actual product available from some retailers, but it’s not the most popular way to consume Kratom, especially for beginners. Kratom powder and capsules are the easiest and most enjoyable ways to experience the remarkable benefits of Kratom.

All About Kratom


This is a plant grown in Southeast Asia and possesses many properties that benefit the mind and body. Its tree, called Mitragyna speciosa, is a member of the coffee family. While its use has been an important aspect of natural remedy culture in Southeast Asia for centuries, it has only recently found its way to the United States.

People in the West are realizing that its leaves offer many incredible benefits for your mental and physical well-being that make them a great all-natural option for boosting motivation, managing stress in your daily life, and helping you improve your concentration. With more people becoming invested in holistic wellness and improving your gut health, Kratom also offers the benefit of restoring your intestinal flora and assisting in maintaining proper immune function. It’s available in many forms, making it accessible and convenient to enjoy.

What is Kratom Oil?

It is a highly potent, concentrated form of Kratom that starts as Kratom powder or is made directly from the leaves. The plant or powder is boiled down, and the solution, which looks like tea, is strained to remove the solids. It is usually mixed with a carrier oil to make it easy to squeeze into a dropper. Kratom extract is different, using an alcohol solution to extract the alkaloids into a thick syrup-like liquid.

The extract is extremely potent and should be used slowly and carefully, even if you’re an experienced user. For some, intense concentration of the alkaloids from the boiling process means that the oil or extract may be too strong, both in taste and experience, for users who are new to the product.

Alternatives to Kratom Oil


Rather than choosing highly concentrated oil or extract, consider consuming Kratom in powder or capsule form for a more enjoyable, controlled experience. The powder and capsules come in many varieties and strains, all originating from red vein Kratom. Once harvested, red vein Kratom undergoes a unique drying process that dictates the color it becomes.

It receives plenty of natural light and is sometimes fermented in bags to achieve a darker red hue. Green vein Kratom is created by drying Kratom leaves in a dark, air-conditioned room and then exposing it to the sun for one hour. Similarly, white one comes from being dried in a dark, cool space, but it maintains a light hue by avoiding UV exposure. Yellow one is unique because it cannot be produced through a drying or fermentation process. Instead, yellow one comes from combining two or more other strains in varying quantities.

The Best Ways to Consume Kratom


Kratom in powder form has a strong, sharp scent and taste that is sometimes unappealing to new users, while experienced users tend to love it. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, there’s a delicious way to enjoy the power; you just have to experiment to find what works best for you. Kratom powder can be taken several ways, the simplest of which is the toss-and-wash method, where you just toss the powder back and chase it down with a glass of water or fruit juice. Kratom and citrus fruits pair nicely together and are a great way to start your morning.

You can also mask the taste of the powder by mixing it in with a smoothie, your morning yogurt, or some ice cream. It is excellent for tea drinkers because you can use the powder to brew yourself a nice strong cup. If you prefer not to deal with the hassle of measuring the correct serving size or finding recipes to include Kratom powder, consider trying its capsules instead. These are a pre-measured serving that you can take with you for easy consumption on the go throughout the day. The capsules are ideal for gym enthusiasts or individuals with a busy work schedule who often leave the house early in the morning and don’t have time for extensive meal prep. They’re also an excellent option for new users who want to experience all the benefits of Kratom without the intense taste or smell.

What Are the Benefits of Kratom?


No matter what form you choose to experience your Kratom in, the benefits of this holistic botanical remain the same. Each strain offers its own unique experience, with some known for boosting motivation, while others are more ideal for calming down at the end of a hectic day. According to Kats Botanicals, the three primary strains of Kratom are best known for these qualities:

Red vein Kratom


It offers temporary relief from occasional muscle soreness and is great for unwinding and soothing your mind at the end of a long day.

Green vein Kratom


It is especially good for alleviating the occasional blue feeling, increasing feelings of optimism, and improving your outlook on life.

White vein Kratom


It is best for boosting your motivation and honing your focus. This is the perfect strain for adding to a morning smoothie or yogurt parfait.

So is Kratom Oil Real?

It is a real thing, it’s not usually the best option for its users who want a pleasant, convenient experience with Kratom. The extreme potency can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the benefits of Kratom.

Opting for Kratom powder or capsules allows you to access the product more conveniently and take a controlled serving size so you can experience Kratom in the most positive way possible.

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