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What is Ear Candling and is it Good for You

What is Ear Candling and is it Good for You

Nowadays, there are so many different ways to approach health and disease. Depending on what you believe in, some methods will make more sense to you than others, which is completely understandable. And when it comes to unusual alternative treatments, have you heard of ear candling?

It is a method that has existed for centuries and is based on the use of a candle that helps remove impurities from the inner ear. Ear candling is used to treat various conditions and diseases and is one of the treatments of alternative medicine. There is a lot of contradictory information on this topic, so people are often confused and find it difficult to form an opinion about this treatment, and it is even harder for them to decide to try it. Because of all this, the question arises: what exactly is ear candling, and is it good for you? Let’s find out.

What exactly is ear candling?


Ear candling is a treatment that belongs to alternative medicine and has been used for a long time. It involves a process in which a candle (which is lit) is placed in the ear and aims to extract impurities and wax from the inner ear. When a candle is placed in the ear, its heat should pull the contents of the ear canal and thus remove it from there.

Ear candling should always be performed by a specialist who has previous experience in performing this treatment. This can be a herbalist, massage therapist, or someone else who knows the practice. We know that you may feel tempted to try this treatment by yourself, but remember: never do that. Although it looks simple and you may know how to use ear candles, we still advise you to skip this adventure. If you try to do the ear candling method on yourself things could easily go wrong and you can get seriously injured. That is why it is always the best idea to have this treatment done by a professional and thus minimize the chances of injury.

What is an ear candle and how does it look like?


An ear candle is a special form of candle that is used exclusively for this treatment. It is made of cotton soaked in a mixture of beeswax and paraffin, although individual ingredients can also be used. The size of the candle is about ten centimeters, and the shape is conical. Beeswax is sometimes used on its own, and sometimes ingredients such as essential oils, honey, or rosemary are added to it.

At you can find a variety of organic ear candles at great prices. If you decide to try this treatment, you can choose and buy a candle you like, and then take it to the professional who will be performing the ear candling and ask him to work with that particular candle.

How is ear candling performed?


As we mentioned, it is recommended for this treatment to be performed by professionals such as herbalists or massage therapists, and not to do ear candling yourself. It is performed by the person lying on their side, with the pro facing upwards. The conical end of the candle is inserted into the ear, and the candle is wrapped in foil or paper that keeps the wax dripping from the candle from falling on the ear. The candle is left in that position for about fifteen minutes and then extinguished. The process is over after this, and your symptoms should subside soon. If you wish, the practitioner can open the candle at the end of the process and show you the contents that have come out of your ear.

Ear candling benefits


Although the benefits of ear candling have not been officially confirmed, many people swear by this treatment, and the fact that it has been used for thousands of years in alternative medicine clearly shows that this method works for some people. Some of the benefits of ear candling include removing wax and impurities from the inner ear canal, improving vision and hearing, treating migraines and headaches in general, positive effects on cognitive abilities, cleansing the blood and lymph, relieving anxiety, treating cold and flu symptoms, eliminating sinus infections, and much more. The list goes on and on.

As we mentioned, there is no scientific evidence behind these claims, so everything remains only at the level of experiential facts. If you have any of the above health problems, and ear candling is the only thing you haven’t tried, we suggest you consider that option.

Potential risks of ear candling


The official position of the FDA is that the ear candling method carries with it numerous risks and side effects, so it is not considered completely safe. The very fact that the treatment is done with a candle carries the risk of causing fire, as well as accidental burns on the face, earlobe, ear canal, and middle ear. In some people, injuries and perforation of the eardrum occurred during this treatment, which can permanently impair hearing. Bleeding may also occur. Another big issue with ear candling is that it only deals with the treatment of the consequences, so it is easy to overlook the basic reasons for hearing loss, visual disturbances, headaches, etc. And neglecting the real cause of the problem for too long can lead to worsening of the health condition and causing even greater problems.


Alternative medicine offers many different treatments, and ear candling is one of them. This treatment is performed using a cone-shaped ear candle which is introduced into the ear. Its heat should pull the wax and all the impurities from the inner ear and thus eliminate the various symptoms. Although opinions are divided, some people swear by ear candling and think that this method has helped them a lot with certain health problems.

The potential benefits of ear candling are improved hearing, vision, circulation, reduced tension, improved cognitive functions, and many others. However, ear candling also carries a number of risks, including burns and other physical injuries. Now that you’ve gathered all the information you can draw a conclusion about how ear candling seems to you and whether you think it’s worth a try.

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