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4 Tips And Tricks For Keeping Your Tile Floor Clean

4 Tips And Tricks For Keeping Your Tile Floor Clean

Apart from their beauty and varieties, tiles do have the advantage over other floors because they are very easy to maintain. However, you must know the best ways to maintain both tiles and grouts – so you can make your floors look nice as long as possible. We’re offering you some tips that you might find helpful.

Maintenance Of Tiled Floors

Tiles represent the real decoration of every home. However, we must regularly maintain the cleanliness of the tiled floors to keep them as bright and shiny as on the first day. Many people (especially women) admit that nothing can irritate them like the dirt that forms on the tiles or between them on the grouts. However, this can be overcome with regular and proper maintenance. We have more options when it comes to maintenance – and the choice is mostly reduced to whether you want to use natural, or chemical cleaning agents. The choice is yours, and here are some tips for easier maintenance.

1. Regular Vacuuming And Cleaning


Tiles are actually amazingly tough and long-lasting. Moreover, if you maintain them well – they can last you for a lifetime. As some research indicates, tile floors can last even more than 70 years. Well-cared tile floors require almost no maintenance. The most ideal way of dealing with such a floor is to be proactive and responsive. Proactivity prompts the removal of dirt like sand or dust which can wear out floor tiles. Regular vacuum cleaning and good upkeeping will forestall scratching of the surface.

2. Deeper Cleansing


If you want a more profound cleaning of your tiles – you can do it by using a soggy rag and some of the many cleaning solutions you can find on the market. Acids or any kind of rough cleaners are not recommended to use. If you’re not sure how to pick the best cleaning agent – you can always ask the tile manufacturer for advice. That way, you will decide what would be the best solution for particular tiles you have on the floor. Speaking of daily maintenance, it is important to respond promptly to the spillage of fluid on the tile floor. You will do this by cleaning them and cleaning the region around grouts with a wipe – by using a combination of cleanser and water. This will preserve the appearance of the tiles and forestall the presence of any stains and soil.

3. Maintenance Of Grout On Tiles


The grouts between the tiles must be renewed from time to time. If you know some DIY tricks, you can do it by yourself. However, it is always best to hire professionals for tile and grout cleaning – so you can be sure that tiles will not get damaged. Then, you should keep maintaining grouts in the right way.

4. Cleaning Tile Grouts


When looking for a way to clean joints on floor tiles, keep in mind that joints that have turned gray will never look white. However, it is only important to remove the unpleasant dirt and fungi that easily cling to the rough texture of the joint. For this purpose, you can use fresh lemon juice at home. You will do this by rubbing the juice into the joints with a brush – then gently rub the joints with the rough side of a sponge. It will look cleaner right away. Rinse them additionally with a damp cloth. When they dry, they will look much better. You can also opt for some chemical cleaner, but make sure it’s not too aggressive – so you don’t damage the tiles.

The Bottom Line

All tiles can and should be routinely cleaned with plenty of water. By wiping the tiles every day with just water, drying them with a sponge or cloth – you can avoid ingrained and layered dirt, mold, and scale that accumulate on the surfaces.

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