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Low vs High Volatility Pokies – Which One to Play

Low vs High Volatility Pokies – Which One to Play

We cannot talk about games of chance and not mention slots, as it is one of the most popular casino games. Some might wonder whether there is any difference between pokies and slots, and to make it easier to understand, you should know that there isn’t any because it is all about the name. Namely, “pokies” is Australian slang for slot machines, and it is a term that everyone will most likely hear quite much while at an Australian casino. As for specifics of the game, rules, and whether there is some strategy that you can use to increase the chances of winnings, well, just like with most of the slots, it all depends on the volatility.

What Is Volatility in Slots?


Just like with almost everything else, this term stands for how much chance you have as a player to win a grand prize. You have probably heard of volatility because of cryptocurrency, as it is a widely used phrase to describe it, but with slots, there are certain things everyone should know about that will make their decision regarding which slots to play much easier. The first thing to know is that every casino, even an online one, has a different house edge for each game, and in addition to that, you should also know that pokes also have different volatility. There are high and low volatility slots available, and depending on your gambling preferences and goals, you should pick one of them. Of course, we will also provide further instruction on how to make the right decision, along with some tips that will help you enhance your profits.

Low Volatility Pokies

This type of slot is perfect for people who love to play a lot for a small amount of money and expect smaller but regular payouts. If we decide to play these pokies, we cannot expect some big prize, but instead of that, we will have the option to get smaller ones more often and be able to play longer without losing more money. It is perfect for beginners and those who want to play only for fun.

High Volatility Pokies


On the other side, high volatility pokies can be a much better choice for people who want to win bigger prizes and earn some money. They do not guarantee regular payouts, so we cannot expect to win smaller prizes often if we decide to play them, but once we win, it will be more than enough, as these pokies feature big prizes and jackpots.

To Summarize

Both types of pokies have their benefits and flaws, and choosing the best one for you depends on your style of playing and expectations about the number of prizes. Regarding that, the final decision is on you, and no matter which of them you decide to play, finding a reliable website is a must. Sometimes, it can be even more difficult than making a decision, and if you do not know where to find the best possible one, visit

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