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3 Things Every Online Casino Player Should Know About Pokies and RTP

3 Things Every Online Casino Player Should Know About Pokies and RTP

If you are interested in playing pokies, it would be a mistake to simply visit the first website you find and select any game there. Instead of that, there are some important features that you should check about both gambling platforms and games that are available there.

When it comes to websites, the crucial thing is to be sure that the one you choose is safe and reliable, and that there is a decent selection of games. Reviews and ratings can be of great help, which is the main reason to check

Moreover, keep in mind that there are numerous options available on these sites. However, not all games are the same in terms of winning probability, visual features, additional special prizes, and more. Also, the return rate can be quite different in various options. Here are the most important things that every player should know about return rate and how it can affect the experience.

1. It is Fixed


The main reason why you should never ignore this feature is that it can simply improve your gambling performances.

When you choose a reliable site, there will be different categories of games. The return rate will make a difference in terms of providing more chances of winning at least a combination with lowest value. It might not sound so relevant, but it can have a huge impact on the long run.

2. Aim for a Higher Rate


You should always research the websites and available options there. There are many reviews and ratings, along with the information provided by developers, where you can check out which options have higher return rate.

Our suggestion is to always choose those titles with a rate of at least 90%. However, keep in mind that this fixed value does not mean that you will have a secure win, but it will improve your chance by providing you more playing time.

Higher rate is especially important for players interested in investing more money. Since you will get a chance to at least get the value of your hand more often, it will give you more time and chance to win some bigger prize.

3. Size Of Coin Is Not Important

The most common misconception is that the value of the coin when you are playing can affect this feature. Since it is fixed, there is no way to change it. It does not matter whether you are using a minimum size of only 10 cents or you play a high-stakes game with a size of $30 per hand. The return rate will remain the same.

Last Words

While this feature is a fixed chance to win money each time you play, it can make a significant difference in your experience. You will get at least the value of one hand in almost every turn when you are playing for a longer time. It can be especially important when you are playing with bigger size of the coin.

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