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How To Make Your RV Fridge More Efficient

How To Make Your RV Fridge More Efficient

Proud RV-owners and people who love an adventure are already probably familiar with all the needed practical tools and gadgets that your RV should have. Do you already own an RV, or maybe you plan on getting one in the short future? Well, one item that is a must-have for every RV is a fridge! Keep on reading and understand all the different ways on how you can make your RV fridge more efficient and practical for your upcoming trips.

What is an RV fridge?


It is a small or medium-sized fridge that stores all of your needed food when you’re on the road. It is designed in a way that it can keep your food solid and your beer cold, as well as any other beverages. Usually, it is quite easy to transport and its average temperature is at 1 degrees celsius, which makes it ideal for every food item + it is just like the fridge at your home. Everyone will appreciate a practical model for their RV. Get one yourself if you have a weekend getaway! You can get it if you’re out with your loved one or your friends. You can also go for it if you are a family person who wants to take care of your children and provide them with their favorite snacks and drinks.

Top 7 practical tips on how to make your refrigerator efficient


1. Install a fan


A small fan can be quite practical and beneficial. With its use, you will maximize the efficiency and it will help with air circulation. The best part about this little hack? It is quite easy to do and install on your own. This fan is an affordable solution that will help with your everyday use, as well as your future trips. Make sure that you mount down the fan next to an evaporator coil, and be patient when giving yourself this little upgrade. It will come in handy no matter the size of your fridge or the length of your trip.

2. Replace your door gasket seal


Have you noticed that your refrigerator has a small magnetic vinyl that runs around the outer perimeter of your door? With time this can get damaged and worn off, as well as unstable & weak. If that does happen warm air can get in which will mess up your food and drinks. You can easily change it with the use of a putty knife or a pair of pliers. Simply loosen the gasket up and switch it with a new kind. Open the refrigerator and test it out a couple of times before you start to use it properly and regularly.

3. Think about your maintenance

Every item & every gadget that you own will demand maintenance, no matter what it is or how sturdy it may be. Make sure that you do the following: Make sure that nothing evaporates, use a hairdryer every here and there to defrost your refrigerator, look at propane components at least once a year, clean out any dust and debris, do not overpack your refrigerator, wipe down shelves every week, throw away any type of expired food or beverages

Keep it protected from the sunlight


This one might seem like funny or irrelevant advice, but it is crucial for your long-lasting safety. Where will you park it, and how much space do you have available around you? If possible, always try to keep it in the shade since overexposure to the sunlight will warm up your coil, which results in warmer drinks & meals + you will experience a shorter lifespan of your gadgets and your vehicle in general. Find the best spot and feel at peace as your approach it.

Power off (when you need to)

Sometimes you can turn the power off (believe it or not)! If everything is set in place aside from your electricity for some reason, or if you can’t power it at the moment, know that it is not the end of the world! Some refrigerators can be used for 6-8 hours without being plugged in. You can enjoy its overall cool effect and its thermal power for shorter rides that are ahead. Always think twice before you determine if you need it.

Know how to pack

Hot air will rise, and the bottom of your fridge is the best place for keeping your food cool and delicious. Pack your dairy products and meat products at the bottom, and work your way up till you place down sodas, fruits, or canned fruit. This tip especially applies if you play on driving your RV without turning on the power and without plugging in your refrigerator. However, know your priorities and understand how to pack your foods before you head out.

Think about spring cleaning


You probably clean the inside of your fridge pretty regularly as most of us do, but how often do you clean it outside? This also applies to our home refrigerators as well. Try to clean it at least once a year. Some people tend to find cobwebs, bird nests, as well as beehives when they get under it and clean it thoroughly. Any type of debris will keep your device overheated, which will lead to a shorter lifespan. Clean it regularly with a wet cloth or an alcohol wipe.

Where to find the best RV fridge & how to know what suits you?


Are you a first-time buyer that needs to find their ideal ”the one”? Still not too sure where you can get the perfect fridge for your RV? Sometimes we are overwhelmed with different options that are available on the internet, and making up your mind is harder than it may seem. Luckily for you, RVCamping has loads of reviews on different models that you can check out. You can find the best one that suits your budget, preferred size, or even color! Give them a click and understand the criteria when it comes to buying your RV refrigerator.

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