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6 New Tech Gadgets That Are Going To Be Big In 2024

6 New Tech Gadgets That Are Going To Be Big In 2024

2020 is slowly but surely coming to a close. It is time to put this disastrous year behind us and focus on the new, 2024. The tech world has had huge success these past 12 months. With new tech and gadgets coming up every single day, we decided to predict what is going to be huge in 2024.

So, with all that said, let’s look at the 6 new tech gadgets that are going to be big in 2024.

1. Multiple-Charger Power Banks

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Power banks aren’t anything new; they just get better and better. And what better gadget to have in 2024 than a power bank with multiple charging stations?

A gadget such as this will solve any troubles you have while traveling. Some power banks are designed in a way that they don’t need charging from an electrical source, and they rely on the sun to juice them up.

These are the sort of power banks you should be looking for when going on trips. Your camping trips, vacations, and anything alike will feel that much better by knowing that you and your friends can all juice up your phones when they deplete. Some are so powerful that they can even support up to four charging ports.

That’s four phones that can go from 0 to 100 in no problem.

Owning a multiple-charger power bank is a tech gadget to own in 20021.

2. UIefone Armor 9

Smartphones are the sort of gadgets that have become part of our life. They’re not a necessity but we simply cannot live without them. They’re the first thing we see when we wake up and the last thing we see when we go to bed.

And smartphones have evolved a lot since the unveiling of the first iPhone.

Now, we can literary do anything we want with them. But since we’re hoping for a better 2024, we’re kinda relying on them to accompany us on our travels.

Since you’ve sorted out the power bank situation, you can now take amazing photos with the UIefone Armor 9.

This smartphone is a beast when it comes to taking photos. Not only is it super fast, but it has one feature that no other smartphone has; thermal imaging.

The thermal imaging feature on this smartphone makes it possible to take very unusual photos. Not only that, but some people have said that they’ve used this feature to even find leaks in their pipes!

For all you engineers out there that love traveling, the UIefone Armor 9 is the gadget to own.

3. Air Purifiers

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When it comes to keeping your home smelling fresh and clean, air purifiers are the sort of gadgets that make it possible.

But air purifiers are used for so much more. There is real science that some of the aromas help with therapy. Do know that there are dozens of aromas so you should go out of your way and learn more about which one does what.

But when it comes to how useful these are, air purifiers remove everything from dust to smoke and even microbes. There isn’t a better way to keep your house safe from this virus than with an air purifier.

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4. Temperature Controlled Mugs

Since we’re slowly approaching the age of “smart things”, we can transform any object in our house and make it smart. Well, someone decided that they need a smart mug for their morning coffee, so they came up with temperature-controlled mugs.

What these mugs do is essentially keep your choice of beverage, whether that be tea, coffee, or anything else, under the right temperature.

You can manually select the temperature and keep it that way for as long as you want. Some coffee mugs come with Bluetooth for greater customization.

But that’s not all, most temperature-controlled mugs nowadays come with Wi-Fi to easily connect it with your smartphone through an app.

It’s safe to say that even the weirdest of inventions will soon have a use.

5. Portable Projectors

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What better way to watch movies on the go than with a portable projector?

This is the sort of gadget that can be combined with other ones to make the most out of the occasion. For example, you can use this gadget, your smart mug, and even the power bank to watch movies with your friends while out in the woods.

Some are even so good that they don’t even consume that much power. But what this gadget, or these gadgets, do is essentially transform anything into a home cinema.

We said “these gadgets” as it includes multiple. You have the speakers and the screen all combined into one. Don’t let that fool you as this gadget is very small and compact. All you’ll need to get it running is to place it somewhere and connect it through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If the power starts running low, you can easily plug it into your power bank.

6. All-In-One Wallet


All-in-one wallets aren’t anything new. We regularly see the ones from Ridgewallet whenever we’re watching a YouTube video. And while many dismiss these wallets, they’re actually pretty useful.

The way these wallets are designed is that they make it possible for you to carry tons of cards and cash without taking too much space. They’re super convenient, super light, and they keep things tidy.

All-in-one wallets are the sort of gadgets that don’t really fall into the tech category, but they remain a must-have for 2024.

There isn’t a better way to keep all of your things in check than with this wallet.


Since everyone is hoping for a better 2024, what better way to get that feel-good feeling than to equip yourself with the latest gadgets and toys that make life that much simpler?

We hope that these 6 gadgets will come in handy when the right time comes.

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