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5 Simple Marketing Solutions to Increase your Online Sales in 2024

5 Simple Marketing Solutions to Increase your Online Sales in 2024

Until a few years ago, whether you would have an online offer was a matter of your choice. But since online stores have become so popular, especially during the past year when brick and mortar stores were not operating due to the pandemic, it is simply impossible to ignore such a large earning opportunity that lies ahead. We believe that you have realized this and that you have already created an online store where you offer your products. You may be thinking to completely move all sales to the Internet, or you may keep a brick and mortar store and have already added an online store to your offer.

Now, since you are in the beginning, it is possible that the incomes are not what you expected when you started this venture. Don’t let that discourage you. The competition is huge, from small businesses in your area to gigantic companies like Amazon. That is why it takes time to break through. But you shouldn’t sit and wait, because that approach won’t bring you anything. Marketing is what you need to pay attention to in order to improve your business. That’s why we compile simple marketing solutions for you to increase your online sales.

  1. Create simple yet effective website

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It all starts with your website. When a potential customer enters your website, it will be the same as when a customer goes to the store. You need to strike the right balance between a simple, attractive and effective interface.

No matter how nicely designed a website full of different content looks interesting at first glance, if it complicates the shopping process too much, then it does not serve its purpose. It must be arranged so that the customer can find whatever he wants in just a few clicks. Also if there are too many animations and different colors, it can be tiring for the eyes and then the customer will give up.

  1. Website optimization

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It is not enough that the website is created in the right way, it must also be very well optimized. Search engine optimization is one of the most important, but more on that later. The first thing we will tell you is that it must be well optimized for use with smartphones and tablets.

According to the latest research, almost half of the people use only a smartphone, while they cannot state when they last used a computer. This tells you that your website absolutely needs to be well optimized. This will make navigation easy. Also, you should never redirect someone from your website. If there is a link that leads from your website, when a customer clicks on it, it must open in a new tab, not redirect it there. If he is redirect there, he may not even return.

  1. Search engine optimization

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You probably hear all the time about search engine optimization also known by the acronym SEO but you wonder why it is so important. It is a comprehensive process that involves the design, programming, coding and everything else that is necessary to do for the functioning of your site. But for all this to have a positive impact on SEO, it must be done in a special way. All these steps, if done properly, will affect your site to be better positioned on search engines.

This is so important because everyone only looks at the first and sometimes the second page on the search engine. That’s why you have to be on the first two pages or otherwise you are going to be irrelevant. What has also received a lot of attention lately is local SEO. When we wrote this article, we contacted SEO experts from Local Dudes Marketing to explain to us what exactly local SEO is. They told us local SEO is focused on targeting regional traffic from a specific geographic area. This is very useful because most potential buyers are living in your area.

  1. Use social media

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You need to use social media wisely. Nowadays, nowhere can you reach such a large number of people as is the case on social networks. Especially when we talk about free ways to advertise and promote brand awareness. There are also certain methods of advertising on social media that are paid for, but they are certainly the best option when you look at the relationship between price and effectiveness.

For little money you will have a large potential customer base. But to achieve this, you need to put effort into running profiles on social networks. You need to post interesting content regularly. Also, you need to be well informed about how each social network works, in order to make the most of it. You cannot use Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn in the same way. Also, make a link between your website and your social media profiles so people can visit both and boost your SEO. And don’t forget to switch to business account to have better insight into data analysis.

  1. Contests and giveaways

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People love contests and gifts not because of the value of the gift itself but because of the feeling that they have won. So regularly organize contests and giveaways. You will post on your social media profiles info about contest. This will attract a large number of people, many who would not otherwise visit your profiles. That way you get a lot of followers for the value of the product you give away.

Remember to state in the contests rules that they must follow your page. Don’t make the mistake of asking them to do too many things, like share on their Instagram story and the like, because that’s what many people won’t do. You can only ask for this if the reward is very valuable. In the end, of all these new followers, at least a few will be new customers, so it is very profitable thing for you to improve sales and raise brand awareness.


There are more ways to advertise than ever before. But also the competition is bigger than ever, because now competition is not only people from your niche in your area, but from all over the world. So you need to do as many marketing solutions as possible and order to improve online sales.


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