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Video Shows Marvel Avengers Game Is Not Just About Button Mashing

Video Shows Marvel Avengers Game Is Not Just About Button Mashing

A game that is not released yet, Marvel Avengers Game, has created an air of mixed reviews. The people who like, like it. There is nothing much to clash about for them. However, there are people who have expressed their concern about the Marvel Avengers Game’s mechanics after playing through the last beta.

Some people have found this Marvel Avengers Game to be more of a ‘Button Masher’. A game where you just have to hit the buttons with quick succession to be able to win. No promises can be made about the Marvel Avengers Game right now. Marvel Avengers Game is al little over two weeks away, We’re going to find out anyway.

However, just to be honest, what the beta version or trailers have shown is a tiny bit of the Marvel Avengers Game. It is too early to be passing judgments about the mechanics and physics of the game.

For example, only the basic combos have been released so far. If one levels up and unlocks more combos, the in-game experience may get enhanced totally. Who knows, Marvel Avengers Game might just start feeling like something out of the Marvel Avengers Movie!

Beta Gameplay For Marvel Avengers Game

There is footage on the internet to back this claim. This gaming addict, as his user name suggests, ‘GameBreakerGod‘ has invested thousands of hours in all kinds of games from Ghost of Tsushima to God of War and now Marvel Avengers Game. He excels at something very unique. He creates very aesthetic, close to reality, stylish combat in games.

He did super cool combat videos for some of the heroes Marvel Avengers Game had to offer in beta, and it completely cleared the air for people claiming this as a button masher.

You can find his Black Widow footage here:

As you may have seen, He did many moves and combos and it looks completely fluid. Since it’s Black Widow so she uses a grappling hook to engage in close combat to defeat his enemies.

This is not it. He also demonstrated moves for the ‘Iron Man’ as well. As can be seen, Iron Man has quite a diverse set of combos. From hard-hitting punches to burning lasers!

This shows the exact opposite of how critics claim this to be a ‘Button Masher’.

There are a few things worth noting here as well. Understand that this isn’t all the Marvel Avengers Game has to offer. In these footages, only a single skill-tree is unlocked for the heroes. Each of these Heroes could have a lot to offer for the players in terms of combat, once there skill-tree is unlocked completely.

Another point worth noticing is that this is not the actual game in its complete flow. This is just a ‘Test chamber’ and not an ‘actual level’ of the Marvel Avengers Game.  This is mostly designed in order to receive feedback from the fans of Marvel Avengers Game, and fix and make some tweaks (If required).

One could say that Hulk feels like a ‘Button Masher’ and personally speaking, he should be. After all, he is Hulk.

Hulk in marvel avengers game

However, there are no combo footages on Hulk and Kamala. Combo footages of these two could have further cleared the air for whether the Marvel Avengers Game is ‘Button Masher’ or not. It could be that the time ran out and he couldn’t film it.

It would be a worthy sight indeed to see combo footages by this Youtuber of Thor and Captain America throwing hammer and shield respectively to destroy enemies.

Thor's hammer in marvel avengers game

Sheild of Catain america in marvel avengers game

There has been a leak about the total number of heroes being 17 for Marvel Avengers Game.

As announced by Avengers, the beta is due to be live again this Friday for all platforms for the first time ever.

Hopefully, this is going to be one of the not-delayed games this fall.

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