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Discover Rich History As Medieval Dynasty Is Coming, Mark Your Calendars For September 17!

Discover Rich History As Medieval Dynasty Is Coming, Mark Your Calendars For September 17!

Along with all its Mysteries and dangers, Explore the vast open world of the Middle Ages in the Medieval Dynasty!. Its release date has just been revealed.

The Middle Ages were, undoubtedly some harsh times, anyone who survived them would tell you this. Middle Ages in Europe, When Europe was ruled over by the Clergy and Nobles.

Since Medieval Dynasty is set during this period, So you shall experience how life was truly lived at that time.

Along with prosperity, Trade also brings greed, distrust, and envy between the struggling nations.

With a farmer set to take his destiny into his own hands, You play the role of a skilled but poor hunter.

In the medieval world, Start by building a small hut and with time, develop it into a full-fledged established village that has a normal routine for life.

In order to improve other buildings of the village and your own home, craft equipment and gather resources. While on the hunt for food, keep your eyes open as wild animals might be lurking around in the Medieval Dynasty.

Find a decent woman and start a family. Look after your children and wife. Expand your dynasty by attracting skilled villagers to help you grow. Your goal is to turn from an unknown, ordinary medieval survivor to a well known, powerful ruler. Be well aware of unexpected events, caused by harsh winters and nature, while sharpening your skills to counter any threat.

Make your community thrive by build homes and Growing crops and go out hunting get your next meal or gather wood and stone for resources.

This is not all, along with keeping your citizens fed, you are expected to expand the borders as well.

So, you have to administrate and manage affairs as well. You do this to make sure that your dynasty becomes part of the history books.

To start playing on September 17, add the title to the wishlist on Steam now.

For a look at Medieval life, see the release date trailer of Medieval Dynasty below.

All this looks forward to you on the journey to the Medieval Dynasty. Use the completely dynamic landscape to get a kingdom that will stand the test of time. Start with your small plot of land, turn it into a home, a village, and grow as you and your descendants create a dynasty to rule for generations to come!

Start with an ordinary life. Go looking around for resources, do farming, and hunt wild animals as you build a small home for your family.

Persuade other people to work and live near you. Start by building a home first then a village and then finally a city with real hustle and bustle where your dynasty shall reign for generations to come.

Grab your hunting bow, hammer, or ax, As a huge medieval open 3D world, is waiting to go and craft your legacy!

Access Medieval Dynasty via Steam Early Access in 2024 for PC.

Main Features In Medieval Dynasty

Real weather conditions, along with 4 seasons with night/day cycle. With graphics designed using the latest tech, experience realistic and Beautiful open world 3D-landscape.

Explore caves, plug fruit from trees, and collect stones with the realistic Interactive environment and many more.

Full stone mansions to hay shacks, get different levels of 18 different buildings.

Craft furniture, weapons, clothing, other tools, and more Over 60 pieces of equipment.

Many different animals such as rabbits, deer, wild boars, wolves, and others provide a Realistic interaction with wildlife.

Keep a check on, endurance water, health, and food status as actions shall have an impact on them.

Character development through an individual Detailed skill tree.

Every decision and event shall impact gameplay differently.

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