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Microsoft Flight Simulator – 2024 Starting Tips

Microsoft Flight Simulator – 2024 Starting Tips

The wait has ended- The Massive, Real-World based Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is out now!

This epic flying simulator is 11th in the series that started as early as 1982. The game has used every ounce of the latest technology available at its disposal to provide ‘enthusiast flyers’ to experience the critically acclaimed 4K HDR graphics, on compatible devices of course, and all the tiny details such as the instrument flying, etc.

There is a Standard Edition and a Premium Deluxe Edition for the Microsoft Flight simulator 2024.

According to the official game description and trailer of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, The simulator Features close to ‘2 million cities’ very intricately designed on real-world cities. With over 1.5 billion Buildings. That’s a huge number! Not only this, but the game also has ‘Real’ river, oceans, and seas with almost real looking visuals. The actual Mountains, trees, and animals also spook the areas. Roads with real traffic for the first time will also be there. This and much more makes Flight simulator 2024 ‘Real’ promising title to grab.

buildings in Microsoft flight simulator 2024 A city in Microsoft flight simulator 2024

Starting tips for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

Simulators, especially as huge as this one, might get a little complex and too much to take in at the beginning. If that is the case with you, then don’t worry. Following are listed some of the practical tips for Flight Simulator 2024 as a beginner.

Take One Step at a time

The game has different planes and different styles for playing. Choose one plane and stick to it at least to get your basics straight at first. Carefully follow and observe tutorials and get a good grip on basics i.e. taking off, landing and turning, etc. Otherwise, the simulator will lose its charm.

There is a proper ‘Check-list’ in-game just like real life. Its purpose is also like real life- To help pilots memorize and eradicate mistakes while flying. Use it to your benefit.

Copilot also Helps a lot during flying as well.

Flight Setup

If you’re really looking for a real Flight experience, you can invest in a full flight setup for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

If you don’t know where to start and confused whether you should spend money or not, at the beginning consider only investing in a basic Rudder/Yolk system. This should not cost too much and should give an appropriate real flying experience.

If you want something more than that, such as holding a joystick in a real plane, you might want to invest in a basic joystick flying setup.

Another suitable option as a beginner is to use a combination of a gamepad, like an Xbox or Playstation controller, and a keyboard. You can use the gamepad for navigating/flying while the keyboard can be used for shortcut keys.

At last, if you just have a keyboard only, That would also work fine.

Customize Your Avatar

For some reason, Microsoft flight Simulator 2024 has a lack of enough tutorials for character customization. But that’s what we’re here for.

With avatar customization, you can choose one like a reflection of your own self. Creative people are going to love this. Not only your own avatar, but you can also customize your Co-pilot.

There are a total of 24 models to choose from. In order to find avatar customization in-game follow this path, go to Options-General-Misc. tab, then choose ‘Pilot Avatar Settings’. You’ll find pilot customization here.

Pictures And Screenshots

Microsoft Flight simulator has a built-in feature saving custom scenes and taking beautiful pictures throughout the game. It is mentioned and taught through the tutorial but since this is done only once, it can easily slip one’s mind.

You can take screenshots of breathtaking sceneries and sunsets by just pressing the pause button. This will lock your plane at its place and allows you to take artistic screenshots.

However, there is also an option for a custom camera view in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. You can access this by pressing ‘CTRL+ALT+1’. Here are some 😉

Scenery of Microsoft Flight simulator. Greenry in microsoft flight simulator 2024

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