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Cod modernwarfare obsidian camo on mp5


Get Obsidian Camo Quickly in COD Modern Warfare

Get Obsidian Camo Quickly in COD Modern Warfare

Mastery camos have always held a ‘higher’ place with COD Modern Warfare fans. And why not? Only the best of the best and most ‘loyal’ players get to unlock Mastery Camos for COD Modern Warfare.

After all, it takes real effort, hard work, and persistence to unlock a Mastery camo for a weapon. One has to grind for many hours on end trying to complete various challenges tailored specifically for each gun to unlock a Mastery Camo for COD Modern Warfare.

There are various types of camos in COD Modern warfare for all weapons. Some are easy to unlock while others such as Obsidian Camo takes a hell-lot of time and effort!

All camos require a series of challenges to be completed in order to be unlocked and so does the Obsidian camo in COD Modern Warfare.

Completionist Camos In COD Modern Warfare

There are 100 standard camos in COD Modern Warfare to be specific. 4 camos are Elite camos in COD Modern Warfare and are known as ‘Completionist’ camos.

Gold camo for a weapon is one of the ‘Completionist’ camo and requires all Standard challenges to be completed for that weapon.

Similarly, in order to unlock another completionist camo i.e. Platinum, players are required to unlock Gold camo for all the weapons in that class!

After that comes the Damascus camo, another completionist, for which one is required to unlock Gold camo on all weapons.

Each tougher than the other. However, If you’re aspiring to unlock Obsidian Camo for a weapon, You might be interested to note that you need only need Gold Camo for that weapon. Damascus and Platinum camos are not necessary to unlock the final completionist, The Obsidian Camo.

Having done justice to the exact Google definition of the word ‘Obsidian‘, The Obsidian camo looks exactly like Dark and thick solidified molten lava.

So far, this is arguably the most desired camo and requires effort as hell!

How to unlock Obsidian Camo In COD Modern Warfare

A pre-requisite to unlock Obsidian camo is that you must already have Gold Camo for that gun. And yes, You are supposed to unlock Obsidian camo for each weapon separately.


A Full list to unlock Obsidian Camo in COD Modern Warfare is as following;

  • Assault Rifles, You need to get 15 kills per match for 200 times
  • LMGs, SMGs and Shotguns, you need 15 kills per match for 150 times
  • Sniper Rifles and Marksman Rifles, 15 kills per match 125 times and 100 times for Pistols
  • Riot Shield requires 750 kills
  • Knife requires 10 kills per match for 150 times
  • Joker, STRELA-P and PILA, killstreak or destroy a vehicle 100 times

Now if you pay close attention to this and do the maths, you’d discover that you need at least 1275 matches to earn Obsidian Camo for every gun. Keep in mind this number is after excluding launchers and Melee. Add that and the total number comes closes to something like 1500 or something. A big number of games to play, No?

Practical Tips To Quickly Unlock Obsidian

However, keeping in mind the following tips, you can speed up your Obsidian Camo unlock in COD ModernWarfare

Speed up challenges

Suppose a challenge says something like 15 kills in 200 matches. This isn’t literally true.

You can, and should, double or triple down on the challenges if you can. i.e. If you get 30 kills in a single match, then you need to play only 100 matches for that challenge. Geddit?

Play the objective modes

Choosing the objective game modes to complete the challenges in a small map i.e. Shipment will help a lo. If you cover the entry points for the objectives, you can gather up kills quickly.

Select loadout wisely

Use attachments and perks to engage in more gunfights to rev up your kills.

Go for aim down sight-speed and Quick sprint to fire-speed.

No lethal

Since you’re completing a  specific challenge for a specific weapon, kills you get with lethal will not count in your challenge.

You need to rely solely on your weapon.

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