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Difficulties You May Run Into Looking For a Personal Injury Lawyer

Difficulties You May Run Into Looking For a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are like the majority, then you either distrust or dislike lawyers in general. This is a generality, but lawyers have a poor reputation, though this may be partly justified. Whether you fall into this category, there are some instances that you should let go over this stereotype and enlist the help of a good lawyer, especially if you need one for a personal injury case. In this circumstance, a good PI lawyer can combat any attempts to deny you from receiving a payout to cover medical costs, lost wages in the future, and even get you money for pain and suffering.

When you are hurt and are forced to leave work because of it, you should seek compensation from the party that is to blame for your injury. While some may try to go at this on their own, hiring a lawyer is likely the best decision you will make.

In this article, we offer some reasons why someone declines to hire a lawyer, as well as the misconceptions you may have.

Lawyers Will Take Most Of Your Judgment


This is actually a legitimate worry. Most lawyers operate on what is called “contingency” when taking on a case in an accident or personal injury. How this work is: once the lawsuit has concluded, the lawyer gets paid a share of the settlement or judgment.

You’re probably thinking this isn’t very good, right? Well, there is a positive to this. You won’t have to pay the lawyer if they are unable to win the case and you receive money. Furthermore, the larger the amount you receive, the more money that you and your lawyer also receive.

Because of this, your interests and those of your lawyer are aligned in this respect. All situations, however, will involve fees. The majority of the time, medical bills or payments to an insurance carrier will need to be repaid first. If these expenditures are really high, you may not be able to recover much for yourself, while your lawyer will get a share that is more. You can try to negotiate an agreement where your lawyer’s fee isn’t higher than the amount you will take in the case.

Some firms will make this a term in their contract with you. If they do not, you may choose to locate another lawyer who will. Whatever the case is for you, please understand exactly where your money is going, what you are required to pay, and what you will get for yourself.

If these things are agreed upon first, you won’t have to worry about a lawyer taking the lion’s share of a judgment.

I Can Keep All The Money Without a Lawyer


This is a general misconception that injury victims believe, but is generally untrue. Most of the time, an insurance company will attempt to offer an extremely low offer to individuals who attempt to file a claim without legal representation. However, an insurer will take a claim more seriously if they are engaged by a lawyer. It’s the sad truth, even if it seems to aggravate.

A lawyer has the ability to negotiate, not only a settlement amount that may have been very low to begin with, but also medical expenses that were initially very high, but were reduced to a lower number thanks to your lawyer.

Something important you should remember is that when a settlement has been offered to you, your lawyer should present to you a detailed accounting of how the money will be spent. Any liens or due bills can be reduced and a good lawyer will be able to do this for you.

Finding a Lawyer You Can Trust


Identifying a trustworthy lawyer in your area who you can meet in person is arguably the smartest thing you can do. How do you go about finding this trustworthy lawyer? Well, to start, if you contact a law firm that cannot schedule a face-to-face meeting, move out and find one that will.

One way to find a reputable lawyer close to you is to reach out to physicians in your area that you know and can trust. Most likely, they have dealt with local lawyers before and can lead you in the correct path.

One thing to remember is that you should ensure that the lawyer you are looking to hire should meet with you face-to-face. Also, search them on the internet and read their client reviews. This would be the best place to start.

Lawyers Are Hard To Get On the Phone


A good lawyer will make sure to call you back in a timely manner, whether it be via email or on the phone. If this is an issue with the lawyer you have hired, it is time to let them know, politely, that you will find new representation if they cannot simply call you back.

In general, lawyers are known for being tough to deal with. This means they should be responsive to a degree and have a strong work ethic in order to receive the best possible end to your legal problem.

A lawyer’s personality may be something you want to seriously consider. For example, if you have the slightest concern that they may be hard to deal with as a client, find a lawyer that you feel more comfortable with. This is why it is a good idea to meet with a lawyer in person before you begin to work with them.

Hiring A Lawyer Is Simply Too Much Trouble


This can be true sometimes, but please remember that attempting to resolve a personal injury case by yourself isn’t as simple or straightforward as you may think. Keep in mind, attempting this may carry the responsibility of dealing with various companies to settle the issue, from doctors’ offices and ambulance rides to your job’s HR manager and the insurance carrier. This is what a lawyer will do, saving you a lot of time and worry. Besides, many of these companies are not looking out for your best interests.

The details of a personal injury case can be complex and it may be a mundane task to have to deal with it all, not to mention trying to get a reasonable settlement amount when you have filed a claim. As mentioned, these companies will want to pay you the least amount they can. A good lawyer will not let this happen, as they get paid when you get paid. The more they can get from an insurance company, the higher their fee will be.

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