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Equip Your Farm for Success: A Comprehensive Guide to Poultry Farming Equipment

Equip Your Farm for Success: A Comprehensive Guide to Poultry Farming Equipment

When it comes to poultry farming, one can’t help to notice it is a very profitable and well-established business. Many people engage in this business both on a small scale and in a commercial sense to make a profit. After all, look how many households, and business venues use eggs and chicken.

If you have been thinking about starting your own poultry business, read our guide, and find out what essential equipment will get you going.

Poultry Farm machinery and equipment


When we talk about farm machinery and equipment, we primarily think of feeders, waterers, ventilation and heating systems, lighting, equipment, and manure machines. Although this sounds like a lot, especially in a financial sense, farm poultry equipment for sale can get your whole farm working with minimal investment. This equipment is automated, with minimal use of human labor. So, let’s take it from the top and discuss a little bit about the equipment.

1. Ventilation devices

Given the various types and manufacturers of fans, there are also various solutions for ventilation systems. We will mention only those systems that are most often used.

Axial fan “Sever”, type VA and VAC is a low-pressure, high-flow air fan. Both types are multiphase (there are also monophase), noiseless, and set to work at multiple speeds, with special flaps for air intake and automatic electronic control devices.

The fan for the wall ventilation system has an airflow of 3200 to 4500 m3/h and a speed of 700-1400 rpm. The electric motor has multiple speeds and is connected to 380 V three-phase or 220 V alternating current. The fan is installed in a special aluminum or galvanized channel.

In addition to these systems, a ventilation system based on overpressure is increasingly used in industrial poultry farming, i.e. the introduction of fresh air with a pressure of 2-4 millibars using built-in wall fans, with a capacity of 10,000 m3/h (and even more, depending on the length of the facility and density of population).

2. Heating devices

There are two systems for heating: the heater system and the hot air injection system (overpressure). Devices powered by solid fuel, fuel oil, or gas are used to inject warm air into the building.

3. Feeding devices


A number of different types of feeders are used to feed poultry. Regardless of the type, they must have the following technical characteristics:

  1. Food must not be wasted
  2. Poultry can easily take food from them
  3.  They are made of long-lasting and stainless material, and the height from the floor is easily adjusted and enables labor saving

Depending on whether the feeders are filled manually or mechanically, the feeding can be semi-automated or fully automated.

4. Water supply devices

There are a number of types of waterers for feeding poultry. Regardless of the diversity, drinking fountains must meet the following conditions:

  1.  water must not be wasted
  2.  they are deep enough, with blunt edges, and height adjustment for a saw of any age to approach without difficulty
  3.  the height of the water level in the drinking bowls is about 2 cm so that the poultry can drink easily
  4.  they are economical (minimum requirement for manpower)
  5.  they are made of long-lasting material that is easy to clean and disinfect
  6.  dirt must not fall into them

In the first seven days, young chicks are fed from glass or plastic drinkers of cylindrical or round shape, with a capacity of 5 to 101. Later, chicks are fed from automatic hanging and standing, as well as flow-through drinkers.

So, that is more or less it, when it comes to essential equipment. However, we have listed a couple of useful tips you can utilize for starting out with your farm.

How to start raising poultry?


As we have already mentioned, starting a poultry farm is very easy and simple. Even beginners can start raising them. However, you should receive training before starting commercial production.

For commercial production, you will need a lot of equipment, a specialized house, and many other facilities. Here we try to provide you with more information about starting and running a poultry farm.

Choose a good location

It is very important to choose a good location for raising poultry. It is best to choose a calm and quiet place without a lot of noise and pollution. If you’re not in a populated area, that’s even better.

It is very important to take care of basic energy sources such as water, electricity, and transport elements.

Create a nice environment for poultry to stay


One of the most important things for raising poultry is the housing you make for them. A solid and safe house will provide protection from pests and predators, harsh weather elements, and other things.

If you try to keep their space as clean as possible, this hygiene will provide them with health and a lower risk of disease.

There are also deep litter systems that are mostly used in the commercial breeding of broiler chickens, with this type requiring approximately 1m2 per chicken.

Also, it is important to note that it is necessary to install a good ventilation system in order to ensure fresh and clean air for the chickens. And we’ve suggested which ones are at your disposal to choose from, earlier in the article.

Food and water

Another key factor in raising poultry is an adequate and regular diet that contains all the necessary nutritional values and the appropriate composition.

Care of poultry and other arrangements

If you want to be successful in this business, you must be extremely careful and attentive. In other words, you have to really care about the condition of your poultry.

Care and regular inspection will help keep your poultry healthy, and healthy poultry means maximum results.

Constantly monitor them and vaccinate them on time if there is a need for it. You can contact your local veterinarian for more detailed information. Giving your poultry unclean water or spoiled and unclean food can cause diseases from which you can lose a lot.

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