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5 Different Types of Professional Moving Lights

5 Different Types of Professional Moving Lights

Going to a party, especially a rave one, or to some underground club, concert, or even karaoke bar, moving lights are something that probably drew your attention, as they added something extra to the overall performance. Some consider them as cliche or unnecessary, but that just isn’t true, and today, we cannot imagine even a slightly bigger party without them, and that’s only the beginning of how vast their usage is. Good lighting is essential, and if we ask any photographer or professional movie maker for an opinion, the one thing that they will surely mention is good illumination as something of great importance, and the same goes for moving ones.

Those gross things around the stage are moving lights, and anyone who has ever gone to some concert surely remembers them. For many years fire effects were the highest achievement, but technology advances, and so do the effects. Sound ones combined with led lighting are surely the most prominent ones, and when a good choreographer mix it all and adapts it ideally to the audience angle, the overall experience cannot be described with words.

Solely speaking about moving lights, many are unaware of how many types there are, which brings us to today’s topic, as one should know more about the offer of these lights, especially those who want to create an amazing and unforgettable and electrifying atmosphere. First of all, what makes them so great is that you can use them for almost everything, and if you are planning a small birthday party – no problem, if you wonder whether it will look great for a private karaoke party, it will just enhance the experience, and the list only goes on.

They are even perfect for some gala nights or late romantic dinners. The fact that they are so applicable is the main reason why they are so popular. That, along with their functionality and the simplicity of the technology itself, is what makes them so unique, as they sure are proof that something doesn’t have to be complex in order to provide exceptional results. With that said, it is time to check some of the types, and then you can choose the one that suits your preferences and purposes the most.

1. Spot


This type of light is the best choice if we want to make some live performances more effective and vivid by illuminating the person on the stage. It is usually used during live performances when we need to highlight one or two persons and make sure that the audience will see them properly. The great thing is that we can follow the person on the scene and be sure that they will be seen all the time. Thanks to the wide-angle, they are also perfect for lightening walls or corridors and highlighting certain objects.

2. Beam


It is impossible to imagine some music event without laser-thin lights that are moving around, and we see them thanks to moving beam lights. Since they have the narrowest angle, they can stand up among the other lights and be seen all the time. Another great benefit is that we can actually program them to follow the music and move in rhythm, which makes the whole performance very exciting.

3. Wash


Wash lights are usually not used in the situation when some specific object or a person needs to be illuminated because they have the soft edge and the largest angle. That makes them perfect when we need to illuminate some bigger areas such as the back of the stage or walls in big closed areas. They come in different colors, and we can change them to fit them to our theme, which means that we do not need to buy a new color every time we want to illuminate something. They are perfect for every party or a live concert, because of their large angle and soft edge and also for some gala diner in a fancy restaurant.

4. Hybrid


It is not difficult to guess that the hybrid represents a mix of different types of light such as wash, spot, and beam. It can be perfect for some smaller events, and when it comes to the biggest live performances, it does not have enough strength to provide enough lighting of high quality. For bigger events, it is a much better solution to use more different types than to choose this one because it is multi-purposed light, and that can never provide the same quality as the one specially designed.

5. Head


Moving head lights are perfect for those who want to add some colors and visual effects to their stage. We can find them in various sizes, but today the most popular are smaller ones which can be placed whenever we need them. They offer us various patterns and colors, and with the possibility to follow the beat of the music, those lights will definitely add some drama to our performance. DJs and the audience adore them, and they are popular even among the older generations because they provide the retro look of the scene, which many of them remember.

The bottom line

Well, this completes our list, and, hopefully, after reading everything mentioned above, you will now have a much better insight and perspective about all the things that come with certain moving lights types. As you can see, depending on what some may need them, they can choose more or less powerful ones, but one fact remains, and that’s that you should always go with the most qualified moving heads for your stage. In the end, for as long as we were on this planet, we were fond of color diversity, and if you don’t believe us, just think about how we all love rainbows. That is why there is no reason to lessen the overall experience if there is no need to, and when there are certain things like moving lights that can help you with that. So light on, and let the party start!

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