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5 Tips And Tricks For Winning More Giveaways On Social Media

5 Tips And Tricks For Winning More Giveaways On Social Media

Today, many people are focused on enjoying beautiful things like travel, interesting gadgets, wardrobe, or cosmetics. Did you know that by participating in giveaway contests you can come up with such prizes? In a short time, you can find yourself on a dream trip or in a dress of a famous brand. And how to win more giveaways on social networks? You need to get started first, get active – and know where to look for a chance like this.

Where To Look For Giveaways?

These contests are mostly present on social media such as Facebook or Instagram. With the popularity of social networks, the giveaway has gained a whole new meaning in the fields of promotion. The giveaway is usually organized through social networks to gain as many new users as possible. It is also used to gain fans or followers of pages, brands, and people, usually celebrities. In that sense, all the advantages and possibilities of certain social networks are used, such as likes, sharing, re-posting, re-tweeting, etc.

The most popular giveaways are those in which you can win beauty products, clothes, food, travel, and the like. Speed, efficiency and the ability for a particular brand to be noticed by a large number of people are just some of the positive aspects of this way of promoting. Still, the participants in the contest are gaining the most – because they sometimes receive very valuable gifts.

1. Sign up for as many contests as possible


The main rule to remember is that you have the best chance of winning prizes if you enter as many contests as possible. The popularity of each one will vary – because most people will only tend to enter those competitions because of the prizes they want to win. Certain contests don’t have so many competitors, which means that it is in your best interest to enter everything you see.

2. Follow The Rules Of The Game


Every giveaway has its own rules. You have to be well versed in the rules because without that you will not be able to participate. However, it very often happens that participants ignore some rules – or do not get information about the deadlines and other conditions that are set before them. This can lead to disappointments and even disqualifications – and you wouldn’t want that. Therefore, take care that this situation does not happen to you. Read the rules and instructions as well as the deadlines and requirements of the competition. Study all this before applying for participating in a giveaway contest.

3. Collect votes


Giveaway contests very often require you to fill out a poll. After that, the votes are added up, and maybe your vote will be among those selected for the award. However, you must know that there is fierce competition in front of you – and sometimes you must have a good strategy. One of the strategies that have proven to be great is to buy poll votes. In this way, you enter yourself, that is, you increase your chances for a reward. If the reward you are fighting for has great value – this type of investment pays off.

4. Make a giveaway prize list


We don’t expect you to take part in every giveaway contest. Still, you will certainly be present at several of them. So make a list of priorities. The list should include the prizes you are competing for, as well as the conditions required of you. Make a list, make a strategy – and start competing.

5. Avoid aggressively advertised contests


Very often this is what attracts us, but it is a mistake. First of all, because you will face the most participants in such contests – which further reduces your chances. On the other hand, sometimes there are scams behind such contests, so you have to be extra careful. If you see someone giving money or a car – that must be a red flag for you.

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