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How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning an Online Giveaway

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning an Online Giveaway

The growing importance of the Internet and social media, especially Facebook, has led to a logical question for certain individuals and companies: How can more people see what I do? The easiest way to do this is to produce so-called giveaway online promotions that will involve a large number of online users. On the other hand, users are always wondering how they can increase their chances of winning an online giveaway. Here are some clarifications.

What Is A Giveaway?

When surfing the internet, and browsing social media pages – you will come across a giveaway post almost every day. Most often you see that your friends are already involved in it – or it was organized by some brand or person you follow. Giveaways are usually interesting, tempting – and how could they not be if you get them in just a few clicks. But what exactly is a giveaway?

It is actually a promotion or competition in which you can get certain prizes. Different brands give you products for their self-promotion. The point is that we all love to get free stuff. We will get involved in the game for sure, but will we win? It depends on many factors. Fortunately, there are ways you can increase your chances of getting a giveaway.

Follow giveaway sites and social network pages


If you haven’t already, make sure you follow the sites and pages on social media. Very often they organize various giveaway contests. Make sure you also follow the websites of smaller brands as they can pleasantly surprise you. Joining giveaway groups on Facebook, tracking award shows on Instagram, and following trendy giveaway tags on Twitter are great ways to always be up to date.

Have A Good Logistics


Very often, a giveaway requires you to do something to contribute to the promotion of the product that will be the giveaway reward. For example, pet food manufacturers very often choose the most beautiful or original photo of a pet. The fact is – they are all so cute! So how do you increase your chances? You need to have a lot of likes on Facebook or Instagram.

Of course, your family and friends will send you their likes, but that’s probably not enough. That is why many use logistics, but many also decide to buy votes for the contest. This can be a great winning tactic. Of course, it’s not always about pet photos. Sometimes you are asked to post your image showing the brand that is awarding you. As you then compete with many influencers – buying votes is more than a proven way to do it.

Look for the local giveaway contests


If you join a global giveaway contest, your chances are relatively slim. Namely, too many competitors compete with you – and we can say that your chances of winning are equal to the level of statistical error. Therefore, opt for giveaway contests that are organized in your country or even just in your city. This will definitely increase your chances of winning, just by the fact that your competition is less.

Be persistent


Patience and perseverance are qualities that will definitely lead you to giveaway prizes. This is actually the only way to win. If you fail the first or second time – do not despair! For many who boasted with some valuable rewards – perseverance was the quality that helped them the most. Of course, you also have to be patient and dedicated. The fact that you have to share a post among your friends on social networks several times – should not demoralize you. On the contrary, think about the prize you care about and participate in contests online. Who knows, maybe you will win the next prize.

The Bottom Line

The fact is that we all love to get something as a gift and for free. However, the fact is that we have to put a little effort into these things. Without that, don’t expect your winnings to fall from the sky. Try some of our tips, and maybe the winning will find you even before you expect it. We wish you good luck.

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