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4 Reasons You Should Change To An Electric Shower

4 Reasons You Should Change To An Electric Shower

Unless you’re a bathroom expert or professional plumber, you probably are not very familiar with the inner parts of your shower. However, a subject that tends to create a lot of misunderstanding may be the differences between an electric shower and a power shower. Although they probably have the similar appearance and may sound synonymous, you will find that these types of showers are completely different from each other. Therefore, to assist you in ensuring you save the most on your showers and water bills, in this article we review the difference between them, including how they function and whether there are any water and energy consumption differences.

Power showers compared to electric showers

When it comes to electric showers, for many, a problem that leads to a lot of misconception would be the difference between electric showers and power showers. The problem is that although all power showers are electric, they are not all power showers. In fact, even though the two have a similar look, they function in different ways and provide unique showering experiences. In order to make sure you receive the maximum out of your shower, we reviewed these two types in more detail.

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Their functionality is smarter and innovative

In case there is a lack of hot water supply that comes from a tank or boiler in your home, then electric showers for your home are usually the best choice. Electric showers are equipped with an internal heating element, allowing them to draw their water from the cold water supply and heat it in an instant as you take a shower. In addition, the electric shower unit is kept apart from the remainder of what’s left of your hot water system, providing you with the opportunity to still get a hot shower in the event of a boiler failure. The use of an electric shower is also required if your current plumbing system is unable to access particular parts of your home.

They are eco-friendly

Energy efficiency has been a popular subject nowadays, which means that consumers are constantly looking for clever ways to reduce consumption and cut energy costs. Due to the fact that an electric shower is only used when necessary, this makes it highly efficient considering it only heats the water that is currently being used. In contrast to stored water supplies, where the water gradually becomes cold when not in use as well as keeps being reheated.

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Affordable cost

One other benefit of electric showers is their cheapness. In case you were thinking them to be pricier due to the fact that they are more recent and advanced technology, have us give you a second consideration. Indeed, you can buy these showers at various prices, ranging from inexpensive to exclusive.

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Bath1 offers a wide range of bathroom products. On the whole, an electric shower appears to be a bit cheaper, plus you have the possibility to have more showers using less water.

Time has come when you can have no fear of electric showers. They have undergone many safety and quality control tests. Although you might not find them mandatory for your everyday home, however, they can come in very handy in case you are living in a rural area or in an isolated place. So you can now understand that, thanks to their numerous benefits, they will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a nice hot bath or shower no matter where your residence is, and also with a very economical way of doing so.

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