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How to Report Unwanted Phone Calls and Text Messages – 2024 Guide

How to Report Unwanted Phone Calls and Text Messages – 2024 Guide

Unwanted phone calls and text messages can be really annoying, and sometimes it might lead you to fraudulent text messages or scam phone calls. To avoid this from happening, you have to be cautious whenever you see an unknown phone call or text message so you can identify spam calls and block them.

If you want to report a phone number to avoid receiving spam text messages and phone calls, you can visit Callmsg to stop receiving harassing, abusive or fraudulent calls from unknown numbers. There are other ways to report and block fraudulent phone calls and text messages which are discussed below in this article.

Other Ways to Report Unwanted Call and Text Messages

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1. Report Spam Texts to 7726

You can easily report spam numbers by forwarding the number to 7726. The GSMA or Global System for Mobile Communication has provided this unique number 7726, which allows you to report unwanted text messages. There are several cellular service providers of different countries who are members of GSMA.

If you are receiving spam text messages from a number, then you can simply forward the text message to 7726, which refers to ‘SPAM’, and you don’t have to worry about receiving any spam message from the same number again. This method works for almost every cellular service provider who is a member of GSMA.

2. Block or report scam numbers from your phone

Whether it’s iOS or Android, your phone must have the option to block or report scam phone calls. You can report harassing phone calls and text messages directly from your phone by adding unknown numbers to your phone’s block list.

This is one of the easiest ways to report a phone call or text message. Whenever you receive a call or text message from the blocked number, you will receive a notification so you can identify the number or read the text message. If you want, you can unblock the number anytime to receive calls and text messages.

3. Report Unsolicited Phone Calls and text messages to the FTC and FCC

To get rid of spam text messages and calls, you can report the unknown number to the FTC, also known as the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC protects consumers from spam text messages or phone calls by stopping fraudulent practices by scammers. To report spam calls and text messages, you can head on to their complaint assistant page on their website to report any cellular or landline numbers.

You also have the option to report unknown callers to the FCC, also known as the Federal Communications Commission. Head on to their consumer complaint center on their website and fill in the necessary details about the spam text message. The FCC will review your incident and take the necessary steps to ensure you don’t receive such messages again.


If you see spam phone calls or text messages, it’s better don’t entertain them and simply report and block them to stay safe from fraudulent activities. There are plenty of apps and websites that help you to identify phone scams and report them publicly. To be on the safe side, try to avoid any unknown callers and simply report and block them.

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